Label Design: Picking the Perfect Colors

POSTED 05/10/2018
Epsen Hillmer Graphics Your Label Partner

Even if you are not designing the product label yourself, knowing the primary factors that go into a label design will help you to understand what information your designer needs to get started.

This will also determine what factors to look for within effective label design.

At Epsen Hillmer Graphics, we see a wide variety of winning label designs. Let’s start with the top three things to think about when it comes to color choice.

Brand Colors

When choosing the label color palette, the first consideration is the company’s overall branding.

If your company has a color scheme already set, those are the primary go-to colors for your label. But don’t limit yourself, particularly if this is a new product or if you’re rebranding.

At Epsen Hillmer Graphics we recommend you consider the color wheel and decide first if you want this package to complement, contrast, or match the company brand’s primary color scheme.

For example, if a standard color for the company is a deep purple, consider using yellow (its opposite) alongside the corporate color to highlight the new item.

You not only need to consider your company, but also the packages of your competitors. You never want to have a package label that is the same, or close in color, to one of your competitors.

Firstly, because you don’t want to be hurried, distracted, or new buyers to pick out someone else’s product. When a well-meaning shopper is sent for “the blue one” and there’s more than one “blue brand” to choose from, you’re taking a chance.

Secondly, there are legalities involved. For some brands, color is a part of the trademark.

Science and Emotion

As part of your marketing campaign, remember that some colors actually promote a buying mentality. Remember, this does vary by culture.

The adage, know your audience, holds true even when choosing a color palette for a brand.

Science tells us that red makes your blood pressure rise, and the urge to buy follows. Yes, there is a science – start with your own reactions. How does yellow make you feel? Are some shades more powerful than others? What does green make you think about? Most importantly, are those the feelings and thoughts what you want to be associated with your brand?

Consider the Container and the Contents

Don’t forget to consider the color of the product in the container as well as the package you’re labeling.

If it is a white container, think bright colors or a reverse print for stark readability. If your product is a corrugated brown box container, earthy tones may be more appropriate for your message.

Then there’s the color of the label stock itself. Label materials such as paper and film can come in metallic colors or clear substrates, in addition to white. And all these labels can be finished with high-gloss, semi-gloss, or matte, with each look affecting how the colors appear.

A Gallery of Ideas

Whether your industry is household, health, and beauty, or food and beverages, Epsen Hillmer Graphics has the expertise to make your colors pop. Feel free to call us today at (402) 342-7000.