Label Design: The Perfect Printing Process

POSTED 05/03/2018
Beginners Guide for Customized Labels by EHG

Once you’ve chosen the perfect color palette for your packaging label, the next step is deciding the best print method for your color choices. This is a brief overview of the print processes offered at Epsen Hillmer Graphics and their advantages.

Spot Color Labels

The first option is what is called spot color. Spot colors are chosen based on the Pantone matching system or PMS®. This is your best choice if a logo is only a few colors like red and black, with your text also being black. Often, this will be the most cost-effective option.

Spot colors are also chosen because there is a specific color that needs to be matched to the PMS® book, most likely to correspond to a corporate color. For example, Barbie® doll pink is actually a very specific color used by Mattel® in their marketing. To replicate exactly that spot color, they use a PMS®.

When it comes to matching color, colors on a computer screen will never match a printed piece. Partially, this is because a screen build is RGB and a print is either a PMS color or a four-color (CMYK) process build. Realistically, no two computer screens are calibrated the same. If color match is critical, choosing a color from a PMS® book allows the pressperson to order that exact ink mix and match “to the book.”

Lastly, specific colors replicate best as spot color as opposed to a four-color process build. Specifically, blue inks. There is a scientific explanation behind this, but today let’s leave it at the fact that deep blues are often better replicated on the press by spot colors than builds.

In-Depth Information Regard Four-Color Process Label Design

Four-color process is a series of dots (very, very small dots) that build nearly every color imaginable. These dots are printed in the colors of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (so you will also see the phrase CMYK for the four-color process). The combination of these four colors printed in small circles or dots makes limitless color combinations. Typically, a person cannot see with the naked eye if a color is a build or a spot color. However, with a magnifying glass, a person can often make out the dots. Color photographs are most commonly created using only these four colors. If you have a variety of colors, the four-color process is generally the best way to print your label project.

You may wonder if your label could call for a combination of these two processes. Our team of print professionals here at Epsen Hillmer Graphics will analyze the art files and the colors involved, and help you with the decision of whether to create all of the pieces with CMYK or if CMYK plus a PMS® will achieve the best results for your label design.

Hexachrome® Printing Labels

In addition to four-color process, EHG also offers the technology of Hexachrome® printing. Hexachrome® printing is CMYK plus OG (orange and green). The advantages of this technology would be better skin tones and suitable pastel colors. If your logo or corporate colors have orange or green predominantly featured, Hexachrome® printing can help your label image stand out in a crowd.

Don’t worry about learning or buying a unique art program to set this up, just send Epsen Hillmer Graphics your art file, and our graphics department will handle the setup for this particular printing process.

Hot Foil Stamp Labels

In addition to ink, Epsen Hillmer Graphics can also create hot foil stamp labels. There are a surprising amount of foil colors available in the market. They come in a variety of finishes such as shiny or matte. The foil label is commonly used on beauty products or for special occasions. If you are looking for an exciting way to highlight your product, maybe to celebrate an anniversary, or for a new roll-out, consider the flash that a foil stamp can add to your label. Alternatively, perhaps your product is looking to show class in only the way a matte gold or silver foil stamp can do.

At Epsen Hillmer Graphics we are proud of the variety of print options we offer to make your label design shine. Please feel free to call us at (402) 342-7000 or  Contact our team for a quote today.