Know the Unwind Code for Pressure Sensitive Labels

POSTED 08/14/2014

pressure sensitive labels_EHGIf you’re new to the world of custom label printing and application, there are probably a lot of terms you’ve heard but don’t know exactly what they mean or why they’re important. Here at Epsen Hillmer Graphics, the Midwest’s leading label printing company, our team wants to make the process of printing your labels as easy to understand as possible, because that’s how you end up with pressure sensitive labels that you’re completely satisfied with!

One term you need to know about if you or a co-packer are planning on applying your new pressure sensitive labels to their containers with a machine is the “unwind direction.” If this sounds like Swahili to you, don’t worry–we’ll explain what your labels’ unwind direction is and why considering it is important to the success of your custom label printing project with Epsen Hillmer Graphics.

Details are Important in Machine-Application

As small businesses grow, it becomes very important to produce their products as fast as demand dictates, and that often requires abandoning hand-application of pressure sensitive labels in favor of faster, more efficient machine application.

Once this shift happens, though, there are many variables that suddenly become very important for the mechanical system to work. For instance, the machine must be able to accommodate the outside diameter of your label rolls, as well as the “core size” (you can think of this as the size of the cardboard tube in a roll of paper towels–this core size needs to fit the particular machine your co-packer or your new machine uses to apply your labels).

What is the Unwind Code?

This is a term that’s used when a machine is applying your pressure sensitive labels to your product container. When your co-packer asks for the unwind direction for your labels, they’re simply asking what direction your labels are facing as they come off the roll.

Pressure Sensitive Label_EHG

There are many possible configurations here–your labels could be wound on the inside surfaces of the roll or the outside and could also be faced in any direction. The importance of unwind codes, then, is for the co-packer to be able to tell how to configure the machine in order to make sure your pressure sensitive labels end up on their containers facing the right way.

Using a roll of labels in an application machine not configured correctly for it could cause the labels to be applied upside down (or not applied at all, if the label roll is wound the opposite way of what the machine is set up for). These aren’t just silly mistakes, though they’re easy enough to make–they can result in serious delays and wasted product that cuts into your bottom line. That’s why knowing the unwind code for your rolls of pressure sensitive labels is important!

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