Is it Time to Refresh Your Product with a New Custom Label?

POSTED 04/06/2017
Epsen Hillmer Graphics Your Label Partner

Take a moment to consider the products your company packages and sells. How long have you used the same label design for those products, and what does that say about your brand? If it has been a while since you have taken a good hard look at the labels that adorn your products, it may be time to consider refreshing the message and giving customers a reason to take a second look. Very few things are intended to last forever and package labels are no exception. Considerations when thinking about a label redesign:

Keep existing brand standards in mind and try not to stray too far.

Your brand has likely done extensive research to determine what resonates best with customers and you don’t want to alienate those already familiar with and supporting your brand. Think small changes and simple tweaks that refresh, but not drastically change the overall label design.

Consider using colors that evoke certain emotions, but use color wisely.

You may have heard that colors like red encourage the appetite, or that blue is calming. It’s true that color can encourage buying behavior. But, how will you know the best colors to use for your particular product? You don’t have to make this decision all by yourself. There are several very good online tools that can assist you in your product label color decisions, such as Adobe Color. A reputable label manufacturer can also give you some suggestions and bring an experienced recommendation based on the specific product you are labeling.

Think about how often consumers seek your product.

If you have a product that consumers need to replenish often, frequent label updates shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you are selling something that buyers seek out only once or twice a year, redesigning your package label too often might confuse buyers as the peruse the shelves. That said, if it has been long enough that you can’t remember when the last label was redesigned, it is probably time.

Does the Label Really Matter?

The ways in which product labels evoke consumer emotion, and ultimately influence buying behavior, have been researched extensively. A 2013 article in the journal Psychology and Marketing examined the brain activity of individuals looking at various types of product packaging. The study found that more intense brain activity was measured when subjects were looking at “attractive” or designed package labeling, versus neutral labels with little color or visual interest.

Attractive packaging also caused activity in brain areas associated with rewards, while unattractive packaging caused activity in areas of the brain connected with negative emotions. Clearly, product labeling has a real influence on how consumers feel about products, which directly impacts what they buy.

Is it time you consider a redesign for your product label?

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