Expert Help With The Most Important Element of Your Food Packaging….Labels

Whet Your Appetite

The Food Industry requires some of the most diverse packaging solutions available today. Because of the wide range of products offered – from wholesome to high-energy, liquid or dry, snack, meal, side dish or seasoning – you need a partner like Epsen Hillmer Graphics to help you create that unique, highly appealing label which leaves customers hungry for more.

Whether your label is applied to glass or plastic containers, or affixed to bags or other odd shaped items, Epsen Hillmer Graphics has a solution for you. We also have the ability to print on plastic wrapped or sealed packaging as well.

Application Recommendations

The following label applications are best suited for products in the Food industry. Each type of label offers a slightly different set of pros and cons, so be sure to click through to each process page if you’d like to learn more:

  • Pressure Sensitive – These labels allow you to capture the bright, appetizing colors and images that will ignite your customers’ appetites. PSL’s are easy to apply, long-lived when applied, and can be customized with several different add-ons or material options.
  • In-Mold (Blow Mold) – Blow Mold Labels are used for food products that require large or irregular packaging. Alternatively, if it’s important for your food product to maintain visual appeal throughout a longer-than-average shelf life, then Blow Mold Labels may be right for you. These are virtually impervious to damage.
  • Roll-to-Roll – Because these labels are delivered in a large, uncut rolls (now the name makes sense), they are most cost-effective for highly efficient, large-volume applications. However, Roll-to-Roll Labels can only be used for full-wrap packaging, generally restricted to jars, bottles, and similar straight-walled containers.
  • Cut & Stack – These highly economical labels are efficient to apply, and stand up very well to extreme elements and shipping hazards. Think of Cut & Stack Labels like Roll-to-Roll Labels only they are finished as cut, single labels – instead of being finished on rolls and still need to be cut.
  • Combination Printing Capabilities – Our state-of-the-art Offset printing presses are large enough for us to offer some of our small-batch customers the opportunity to utilize Combination Printing. This is when we print multiple similar labels on the same print run, minimizing manufacturing and material costs. Be sure to ask us if your product is eligible for Combination Printing.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics Prints the Best Product Labels

At Epsen Hillmer Graphics in Omaha, we pride ourselves on customer service; we’re happy to help you identify your perfect label solution. Call us today at 1-800-228-9940 to discuss your specific label needs.