Craft Beer & Spirits

As hundreds of new craft beer and liquor varieties enter the market every year, the one thing you can do to set your beverage apart from all the others is to brand it with a quality custom label. Your craft beer or spirit deserves a label that is as individual as the product itself!

The best way to accomplish this is to partner with Epsen Hillmer Graphics for your craft brew and liquor labeling needs.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics has multiple labeling options for glass beer bottles, unprinted aluminum cans, bottle crowns, beer growlers and keg labels. With an endless array of label materials, manufacturing methods, and specialty finishes available, you can quickly create the best custom label for your unique craft beer or spirit brand (and your budget!) by talking to Epsen Hillmer Graphics first.

Experienced Custom Craft Beer & Liquor Label Specialists

Our beverage custom label experts will guide you through every decision to attain the best custom label for your craft beer creation;

  • Concept and Design – we’ll help you identify the best label options for your product.
  • Brand and Marketing – we can produce a truly custom label, one that clearly sets your craft beer apart from all the others on the store shelf.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics prides itself on not being a “one size fits all” solution and is ready to help guide you through the unique labeling requirements for your craft beer and spirits.

Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL) for Craft Beers and Spirits

One of the best custom label options provided by Epsen Hillmer Graphics, because it has proven its value for craft beer and spirit bottling or canning, is the pressure sensitive label. This method allows us to customize your label with eye-catching options including endless color choices, die-cut shapes, multiple sizes, lamination, cold foil and specialty material options such as metallic, transparent films, and high-quality papers with durable finishes.

Pressure sensitive labels adhere extremely well to the outer glass bottle or aluminum can surface, resulting in a durable, long-lasting, custom label that can stand up to harsh conditions, like being submerged in a cooler or stored for longer periods of time. You can easily apply these by hand or purchase lower cost equipment to apply them, making PS Labels very diverse and user-friendly.

Cut and Stack Labels for Craft Beers – Not recommended for Spirits

Some craft beers lend themselves well to cut and stack labels, which differ from Pressure Sensitive Labels, in that glue must be applied to the custom label at the time of application. These labels are popular because the wet-strength papers or films stand up well to cold and moist environments, but maintain color, clarity, and performance. They work especially well for full-wrap craft beer labels and high-volume production. Ask about our combination printing options that allow further label customization without the added production costs.

No Matter the Brew, Epsen Hillmer Has Custom Label Options for You

Epsen Hillmer Graphics is the right choice to help bring your craft beer to market with eye-catching and unique custom label solutions. Call and ask to speak with one of our craft beer or spirts labeling specialists today to explore the options for your one-of-a-kind beverage.