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What do these Terms Mean?

A lot of times these terms are used together, because one (Private Labels) is usually reliant on the other (Co-Packer) to fill and label their products. A Co-Packer is a company that buys the expensive and sometimes highly specialized machines to mix, fill, seal, label and pack a product. The Branding Company or in some cases Private Label Company will contract with the co-packer to produce their ordered quantity and then the Branding or Private Label Company will distribute and sell the end product.

Private Labels can be associated with both large and small companies – Some examples of private labels would be Target’s “Market Pantry” or Costco’s “Kirkland” brands. These are the store’s Private Labels that are purchased by the store and then distributed and sold in their stores only. However small companies will also have private brands – an example is a Casino that distributes water bottles in their casinos with their specific name branded on the product.

How Can Epsen Hillmer Graphics Help?

Because Epsen Hillmer Graphics has been a major player in the label printing industry for more than 100 years, we have relationships with many Co-Packers around the country. From Juice to Water and Shampoo to Beer – We have not only worked with, but are qualified to print for in many different Co-Packing facilities representing a wide variety of industries. Whether you are a Co-Packer looking for a new label printing supplier, a Private Label Company looking to work with a trusted industry partner or even if you’re in the initial stages of your process and need help finding a Co-Packing option – we are here to help! Contact Us today online or by phone at 1-800-228-9940.

Application Recommendations for Co-Packers or Private Labels

Depending on how the Co-Packer’s facility is equipped dictates the label application types we would recommend. However, we have worked with Co-Packers who have worked with all the below Application types throughout various industries: