Increase Beauty Product Sales with Quality Labels

POSTED 03/10/2015
Customized Labels for Health and Beauty Products

It’s no secret that the market for beauty products is very competitive. Standing out from competitors on store shelves is one of the reasons why quality labels are so important for any company that sells beauty products. However, standing out on store shelves isn’t the only benefit of having the right kind of labels on your company’s products.

While beauty product businesses generally spend a lot of time thinking about how their product will look on store shelves, they often forget that image is just as important online. When a customer in Omaha or anywhere else in the world is shopping for a beauty product online, they don’t want to just read about it. They also want to see pictures of it.

When someone is looking at a beauty product online, they’re going to feel much more confident buying it if the product has a label that looks great. The same goes for someone who’s doing other online activities like browsing Facebook or looking through blogs. If they suddenly see a picture of a great-looking beauty product, they’re going to be far more likely to change what they’re doing online and actually spend some of their time looking up more information about the product.

Quality Labels for Great Beauty Products

Epsen Hillmer Graphics has extensive experience helping beauty product companies improve their sales by creating better labels. Although our Omaha business offers a variety of label options, pressure sensitive labels are the option we highly recommend for beauty products.

Often referred to as PSLs, there are several features that make pressure sensitive labels the absolute best option for beauty product bottles. The first is these labels offer really high-quality graphics. Since first impressions are everything for products in the beauty industry, being able to get the exact look you want is vital.

The second advantage of pressure sensitive labels is they’re very durable. So even if products are in an environment like a salon where they may be exposed to higher levels of heat or moisture, they will continue to look great.

Another significant advantage of these quality labels is their application doesn’t require heat or activation. Instead, light pressure is all that’s needed. This provides a lot of flexibility in terms of how finished labels are applied to containers. Speaking of containers, PSLs also offer the advantage of being compatible with any container that features a smooth surface. This means your products can reap all the benefits of pressure sensitive labels without being limited in terms of how containers are designed.

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