In-Mold and Blow-Mold Labels Offer a Long-Lasting Custom Label Option for Liquids or Beverages

POSTED 02/27/2019
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We talk a lot about or extensive custom label solutions at Epsen Hillmer Graphics and when most people think about labels, the paper, film or adhered variety is what often comes to mind. But, there are some products that simply don’t do well with a glue-applied label and for those circumstances, we offer our customers some of the most extensive in-mold and blow-mold labeling options in the industry.

In-mold labeling (IML) is a product labeling method that has grown in popularity over the past 10 to 20 years.

The primary reason is that it provides improved quality and shelf appeal, reduced waste, reduced cost, and better durability for those products that don’t do well with more traditional labeling techniques.

In-mold labeling is a great choice for beverage products that are packaged in large volume, plastic containers. Iced teas, lemonades, and juices are ideally suited for blow-mold packaging and in-mold labeling. Unlike other label types that must be applied to a container in a two-step production process, these labels are placed right in the mold, becoming a part of the container itself.

The IML process derives its name from the way the label is applied to the plastic packaging container.

The label is literally placed “in the mold” while the container is being formed. At Epsen Hillmer Graphics, we deploy IML technology during the blow mold process, which is a lot like blowing up a balloon. Heated plastic is extruded in the form of a tube, a mold is clamped around the tube and the air is blown into the plastic tube to distribute it in the desired shape of the bottle or container. During this process, the label is properly positioned against the cavity wall and adheres to the formed container as it cools to its final dimensional shape.

Using this advanced label technology, available right here in our Omaha, Nebraska production facility, beverage manufacturers can take advantage of exceptional cost savings during production and still employ unique container shape and size selection with a colorful and integrated label designed to last. Blow mold labels are tough, designed to stand up to the filling, packaging, shipping and harsh retail handling that liquid products often endure.

If this isn’t enough justification to explore in-mold labeling and blow-mold packaging, producers can take advantage of less waste, vibrant color graphics with high detail and select from a variety of label printing options to fit both budget and brand needs.

Find Out How In-Mold Labeling and Blow-Mold Techniques Can Meet Your Beverage Labeling Needs.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics’ customers consistently find that in-mold labeling is a cost-effective solution for the decoration of plastic containers. It removes the need for post-mold labeling, eliminating costly bottlenecks in production and requiring less manufacturing floor space. Call us today at (402) 342-7000 to ask how this labeling technology can benefit your beverage production needs.