The Important First Step in Label Design

POSTED 09/14/2017
Beginners Guide for Customized Labels by EHG

When it’s time to create a label for your new product, it would seem reasonable to contact a graphic designer and urge them to get started drafting some designs for review.

While there isn’t a wrong way to tackle label design, there is a better way, especially if budget is a consideration.

In fact, before diving right into the creative design process, there’s an important step you should consider taking even before you share your vision and creative ideas you’re your label designer.

Call Epsen Hillmer Graphics First for Label Design

That’s right. Before selecting a Pantone palette or assigning a designer to your label project, your first call should be to a labeling specialist at Epsen Hillmer Graphics.

While your designers may be anxious to get started, it pays to think through some essential variables up front, so you achieve the best label for your budget and avoid costly surprises later.

Label Shape and Size

Did you know that the product label shape and size can directly influence the final cost of your custom label? The creative side of you might like the idea of having unique labels to differentiate product varieties (for example, a cherry beverage with a cherry-shaped label, an apple beverage with an apple-shaped label).

In this example, two uniquely different dies would have to be ordered to cut the labels to shape and size. It would also mean that printing these labels could no longer be produced in a combined (sometimes called “ganged”) print run, and that directly impacts (yes, doubles) your printing costs.

Label Colors

Let’s talk about the colors used in the label’s design. As with most printing orders, the addition of multiple colors to the design increases production costs.

With over 100 years of experience producing custom labels, Epsen Hillmer Graphics can guide you in choosing color options that will make your label stand out without breaking the budget.

Label Materials

Another label design decision that is best handled up front is determining the label material best suited for your product.

There is virtually an endless array of options, and the right choice is highly dependent on variables such as anticipated shelf-life (will the product sell rapidly or does the label need retain vibrancy for a period of time?), storage conditions (cold, hot, wet, humid?) and the type of product being labelled (liquids, oily or flammable ingredients, food products?). Papers, films, special coatings, metallics and many other options are available.

The decisions made about the most appropriate materials will also influence the overall label design, so it’s best to have this detail covered in advance.

In the end, your graphic artist will thank you for having the specifications of the label design ironed out in advance so they can concentrate on creating a knockout label. You’ll rest easy knowing you’re getting the best label for a price you can afford.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics can provide cost-effective label design suggestions that allow you to maximize savings while bringing creativity to a quality label. Take the first step before putting your designer to work. Call one of our label specialists at (402) 342-7000.