How to Stand Out in the Competitive Beauty Industry

POSTED 05/06/2015
Customized Labels for Health and Beauty Products

Recent news points towards the likelihood of Procter & Gamble splitting off some of their beauty brands into a separate company. This move is in response to the fragmented and fast-moving nature of the beauty products industry. Because this industry can be so challenging, brands need every advantage possible.

What Makes the Beauty Industry So Competitive?

There are several key factors that explain why the beauty industry is so competitive and presents major challenges to even very large companies like Procter & Gamble. One of those factors is the nature of trends. While there are certain aspects of this industry that remain consistent, much of what happens is driven by trends. If companies aren’t in a position to capitalize on new trends, it won’t take long for them to fall behind.

Another factor that makes the beauty industry highly competitive is the sheer number of companies and products that are in it. Since these companies come in all sizes, it shows the amount of opportunity that the industry provides. On the other hand, the allure of that opportunity makes it very difficult for any one product or company to get a significant foothold.

Finally, a more recent factor that has created additional challenges is that consumers are no longer willing to settle for products that try to provide the same solution to everyone. Instead, consumers are voting with their wallets that they want products specifically made for them. Whether the target market is young women or mature ladies, consumers want to connect with their products. And that’s where packaging can come into play.

Communicate Your Unique Message to Consumers

Because Epsen Hillmer Graphics has quite a bit of experience in this industry, we’ve seen that consumers in Omaha and the rest of the world don’t want to settle for just any product. Instead, they want the right beauty product for their specific needs. When it comes to communicating this message, a product’s packaging plays a key role. Specifically, the label that you put on your beauty product can determine whether or not consumers give it a second look.

Since there are many situations where you may only have a split second to catch a consumer’s attention, you don’t want to leave things to chance. Instead, you want to be confident that the label on your product is the most effective choice possible. Although that may seem like a lot to figure out, the good news is Epsen Hillmer Graphics has lots of experience in this area.

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While we’re proud to be located in the great city of Omaha, we keep an eye on the pulse of the national beauty market. Our emphasis on staying on top of what’s happening means that we can provide you with expert recommendations. From helping you decide between pressure sensitive or in-mold labels to discussing which elements your labels should contain in order to catch the eye of your target group of consumers, Epsen Hillmer Graphics is here to help.

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