How to Create the Best Food Product Labels

POSTED 08/11/2015
Customized Labels for Plastic Herb (Rosemary)

Whether it’s for a salad dressing or sauce bottle, you want your products to look great. While you probably have a general idea of how you want your product to look, it’s completely normal to be unsure of how to begin this process.

When people ask us why we’ve always run our business from Omaha, we never hesitate to say it’s because of the great community. And when people ask about the secret to our business longevity, we let them know that it’s as simple as always basing our decisions around what will help our clients succeed.

When it comes to designing great food product labels, there are quite a few factors that need to be taken into consideration. Because a lot does go into this process, we want to give you an idea of all the things that will be covered if you choose to work with us.

Why Talk to Epsen Hillmer Graphics About Design?

The two simple but very important reasons we recommend talking to us about design upfront is because it can save you time and money. In terms of saving you time, we can ensure that the look you have in mind for your products will actually come out right the first time. Getting things right the first time will also help you save money. And because our Omaha business has been around since 1908, we can help you choose the most cost-effective labeling option.

Shape and Color of Food Product Labels

Based on our extensive experience, we’ve found that the best place to start the design process is with the desired shape of the label. The reason shape is an ideal starting point is because it can have a significant impact on the cost of labels. By addressing this topic first, we can ensure that your labels will have the best look and fit within your desired budget.

Once all the shape details have been locked down, we generally move to color. As with shape, we can help you understand all the various costs that are associated with different color options. Not surprisingly, more complex designs have a higher cost than those that stick to a simpler color scheme.

Evaluating Different Materials for Your Label

The other main topic we always like to cover in detail during the design process is the specific material that should be used for the label. Since there are a variety of different materials available, pinpointing the right one can be a little intimidating at first. However, once you’ve had a chance to go over them with our expert team, you won’t have any trouble selecting the best material for your specific food product.

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