How Can Labels Benefit Salad Dressing Makers?

POSTED 07/17/2015
Customized Label for Glass Salad Dressing Jar - EHG

The market for salad dressings has changed a lot in a relatively short amount of time. Since the increased amount of competition has made it difficult for even highly established salad dressing companies, makers of all sizes need to work hard to establish a great brand. Carving out a solid position in this crowded market starts with having a great product. However, simply having a great product isn’t enough for a salad dressing to flourish.

The reason that companies in this industry need more than just a great product is because they have to get their product into the hands of consumers. If the majority of consumers never take notice of a specific salad dressing, they won’t know how great it tastes. So, what can a salad dressing maker do to ensure their product does get noticed on crowded store shelves?

A proven method for making this type of product stand out is to optimize the bottle with the right label. Given that consumers now have so many choices, a properly optimized salad dressing label needs to accomplish two goals. First, it needs to make the dressing stand out when it’s on store shelves. Then once a consumer notices the bottle and picks it up, the design and information on the label needs to give that consumer a compelling reason to purchase it.

Which Labels Are Best for Salad Dressing Bottles?

Because we work with multiple industries in Omaha and across the rest of the globe, Epsen Hillmer Graphics offers several different types of labels. Having the ability to produce a wide selection of labels makes it possible for us to pair products with the absolute best style of label.

When it comes to salad dressing bottles, cut & stack labels are the type that we recommend the most. Cut & stack labels are printed on a large sheet or roll and then cut. When it’s time to apply cut & stack labels to a salad dressing bottle, the most common method is to wrap the label and glue it to itself.

With cut & stack labels produced by Epsen Hillmer Graphics, salad dressing companies can enjoy the ideal balance of cost-effectiveness, durability and aesthetics. Not only do these labels deal with moisture quite well, but they can be printed on different materials including synthetic or metallized labels.

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Because there are so many different options for cut & stack labels, it’s extremely useful to have a knowledgeable partner that can guide you through the different decisions you need to make. If you want a partner who will carefully listen and then supply the best advice, you’ll be very happy with Epsen Hillmer Graphics.

Since we first opened our doors in Omaha in 1908, we have always put our customers first. Our commitment to complete customer satisfaction has allowed us to continue producing the best labels on the market. If you want your salad dressing to benefit from our experience and commitment to quality, be sure to call us at (402) 342-7000.