How Beer Labels Can Help Craft Brewers Stand Out

POSTED 03/09/2016
Beer Bottle Labels - Epsen Hillmer Graphics

Regardless of how good their product is, craft brewers can’t expect to get the attention they deserve without the right beer labels on their bottles. The reality of the market in 2016 is even though there was a time when craft brewers could get attention simply because this type of product was considered quite unique and novel, that’s no longer the case. Now that there are brewers of all sizes in this market, smaller companies have to get more creative with their branding.

One of the best ways to do that is with beer labels. Whether you’re in the process of debuting a new beer or want to give an updated look to one of your existing beers, the right labels will ensure that your bottles get off store shelves and into people’s hands. Then once people have them, the taste and quality of your beer will speak for itself. So to help bridge the gap between brewers creating beer and consumers drinking it, we want to cover what goes into great labels.

Branding and Beer Label Essentials for Craft Brewers

Since Epsen Hillmer Graphics has a history that dates back over 100 years, we’ve seen other industries go through the type of growth and maturity that the craft beer market is currently experiencing. Although this type of transition presents some significant challenges, it also presents a lot of opportunities for companies that are able to adapt.

The main thing for craft brewers to remember is due to the growth of the market, it’s no longer possible to survive on a single element. Instead, a complete brand is needed to thrive. An important aspect of any brand is its visual identity. And with bottled beers, the label is key to how the product is perceived. Our Omaha printing facilities can produce numerous different types of labels. That gives us the ability to help companies choose the label option that’s going to perform best for their exact product.

With beer bottles, pressure sensitive labels are an excellent choice. What’s great about these labels is they’re quite durable. They hold up even after being exposed to moisture. Having labels with solid durability means your bottles will continue to look great even when they’re in places like a cooler filled with ice. Another benefit of pressure sensitive labels is they look great and can be customized with just about any type of design.

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As a family-owned company in Omaha, we’re proud of our ability to serve businesses of all sizes. In fact, it’s very rewarding to work with up-and-coming craft beer brewers. When you choose us as your label printing partner, you can count on getting the attention and resources your product needs to flourish. To see just how much we can assist you with this process, pick up your phone now and give us a call at (402) 342-7000.