High Quality Craft Beer Bottle Labels are a Must

POSTED 03/31/2015
Craft Beer Bottle for Labels - EHG

Craft beer has already claimed 14% of the entire beer market. Since the rise of craft beer shows no signs of slowing down, craft beer companies that can continue strengthening their brand are in a great position. Of all the factors that play a role in building a strong brand, craft beer bottle labels are one of the most important.

The reason craft beer bottle labels are such an important component of branding is not only are they responsible for grabbing consumers’ attention, but what’s on a label can play a key role in whether or not a consumer actually purchases a new type of craft beer.

If you’re a craft beer maker who wants to take what you’re doing to the next level, Epsen Hillmer Graphics has the experience and resources needed to help you really nail down the most important branding element on your bottles.

The 3 Best Types of Craft Beer Bottle Labels

Pressure sensitive labels are the first option we recommend to craft beer makers who want to sell their product in Omaha or anywhere else in the United States. If you’re looking for a way to make your labels stand out with features like bright colors, you’ll be very happy with pressure sensitive labels.

Not only do pressure sensitive labels look great, but they’re also quite durable. They also offer the advantage of not requiring any heat or activation for their application. To top things off, it’s possible to apply PSLs with a machine or by hand.

Roll to roll labels are our second recommendation for craft beer bottles. This option is great for any craft beer maker looking for very cost-effective labels. This type of label is very easy to store thanks to the fact that it’s delivered as a roll. Roll to roll labels are also ideal for any high-volume applications.

Finally, cut & stack labels can also be a good choice for these types of bottles. Even when they’re exposed to moisture, heat or cold, cut & stack labels retain their full level of quality. It’s also worth noting that low volume options are available for cut & stack labels. Being able to print runs of under 25,000 labels makes this a great option for seasonal or limited edition craft beer flavors.

Since there are several different label options that can work well for Omaha craft beer makers, working with Epsen Hillmer Graphics’ experienced team is the easiest way to find the ideal one for your specific brand.

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