Your Guide to Creating Great Food Labels

POSTED 07/13/2016
EHG - Your Guide to Creating Great Food Labels

People outside the food industry would likely be shocked to learn that dressings, sauces and condiments make up a market that is more than $70 billion in size. However, for any company in this industry, it’s no secret that the availability of opportunity also means a lot of competition. Regardless of how great a company’s product may be, it doesn’t change the fact that there’s a constant battle for shelf space and consumer attention.

If your company has one or more products in this market, it’s likely that a top priority is increasing awareness about your product. Securing the best possible shelf space for your dressing, sauce or condiment is the first step in that process. From there, you need to have a way to stand out from the products on either side of you. One of the ways to accomplish that goal is with the labels that you put on every bottle.

Keys to Creating Great Food Labels

There are a variety of decisions that have to be made when designing food labels for dressings, sauces or condiments. One of the most important is the type of label that will be used. For these products, cut and stack labels are often the best choice. Cut and stack labels can be printed on a large sheet or roll-fed printing press. After they’re printed, there are two ways these labels can be cut. Most food product makers opt to have labels cut and then stacked. In some scenarios, the other option of die cutting full sheets provides the best results.

Once the chosen method of cutting these labels is completed, they will be ready for application. This is normally done by gluing the label to itself after overlapping it around the product bottle. Application can easily be managed by an independent bottler, co-packer or even in-house. One of the advantages of cut and stack labels is they’re very effective for high-volume products. The attractive pricing of these labels gets even better as run sizes increase.

Another reason we usually recommend cut and stack labels for food products like dressing is they offer very good durability. Their durability includes handling moisture and temperature fluctuations. It’s also possible to customize the labels with various sizes, shapes and other options.

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We know from direct experience just how much goes into creating great food labels. While it can be a challenging process, the good news is we can use our expertise to guide you through every step. As an Omaha company with a history that dates back more than a century, we’ve dealt with just about every scenario there is with label printing.

We know what works great and what to avoid. We utilize the best technology and methods to deliver amazing results at very attractive prices. So if you want to know that your food labels will get the attention they deserve, we encourage you to call us at (402) 342-7000.