Getting Started with the Perfect Health & Beauty Label

POSTED 09/29/2015
Customized Labels for Health and Beauty Products

The large number of health & beauty products on store shelves means companies need a great health & beauty label to make their own products stand out. To successfully accomplish that goal, companies need to follow several key steps. By understanding which steps are vital to this process, as well as choosing the right partner to work with, Omaha companies can get the competitive advantage they need to flourish in the health & beauty market.

A Great Health & Beauty Label Starts with the Right Copy and Font

The best starting point for a new label is to decide what information needs to be on the label. The first element Epsen Hillmer Graphics recommends is the name of your product and your logo. If you put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer, the product’s name and logo are likely to be what gets their attention when they’re walking down an aisle in a store.

Once a health & beauty label gets someone’s attention, they’re probably going to pick it up off the shelf so they can learn more about it. This is where the additional information on your product’s label comes into play. You need to figure out what benefits or features make your product special and then include them in a prominent position on the label.

As you’re brainstorming different options for what to include on the label, the best way to decide whether or not a specific piece of information makes the cut is to run it through the trust and excitement test. If someone reads that piece of information, is it going to increase their trust for the product or their excitement about buying it? Answering yes to that question means the information should be included, while no means you can leave it off the label.

When you’ve perfected the information that’s going to be on your label, the next step is to find the right font. Having an optimal font will make everything on your label attractive and easy to read. Because there are so many different fonts available, it’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed about picking just one. Making the right decision about the label’s font is just one example of how Epsen Hillmer Graphics can help during this process.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics Will Help You Create Great Product Labels: (402) 342-7000

We have a long history of helping Omaha companies design and create the best labels for their products. Our experience enables us to help the companies we work with avoid common issues that can cause a label to be less than ideal. Not only will we help you design the perfect label for your product, but we will help you choose the optimal method for printing it.

Although creating an amazing label takes hard work, it’s a process that will greatly benefit your sales. If you have any questions about designing a health & beauty label or would like to get a quote from us for this project, you can easily contact our team at (402) 342-7000.