Get to Know Epsen Hillmer Graphics & Our Custom Label History

POSTED 12/22/2017
Epsen Hillmer Graphics - Company Culture, History & More

The Epsen Hillmer Graphics story began more than 100 years ago when we emerged as a small, family-owned label manufacturing company. It is certain that our company’s founding fathers had no idea then just how far the business would go, the innovative labeling technology they would help create or the impact they would make in what was then a relatively new industry.

Label technology and Epsen Hillmer Graphics have both come a long way in that 100 years, and we are proud to be thriving today because of our commitment to our employees, customers, and innovation, as well as our ability to creatively adapt in an ever-changing industry.

Our People are the Secret Sauce

One thing our founding fathers knew – and we still believe today – is that our people are the reason behind every business success. It goes beyond just knowing how to do the job. It’s the desire to continually develop and hone skills and a real heart to serve every customer.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics’ commitment to employees comes first and in return, our family of employees delivers the type of service and innovation that has become legendary in our industry.

Custom Label Capabilities We Offer

Epsen Hillmer Graphics operates from within a well-customized facility that allows for the design and manufacturing freedom our customers demand. As a leading manufacturer of pressure sensitive labels, our busy facility is always working to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Each solution is specifically designed to address the diverse needs of our clients and to offer the versatility to ensure optimal performance and value. These include:

Variety of Industries We Specialize In

Our well-customized facility allows us the design and manufacturing freedom that is needed to be agile, creative and responsive to our customers. Epsen Hillmer Graphics serves a wide range of industries using technology specifically aligned with their needs. We are well known for our creative label solutions for:

We’ve been here to see every new and innovative label technology emerge and even helped shape a few processes ourselves.

Although a lot of things have changed, Epsen Hillmer Graphics has always maintained a desire to deliver exceptional label packing products to its customers and this strong customer focus is what will carry us through the next 100 years.

When it comes to label printing companies, Epsen Hillmer Graphics is a cut above the rest. Visit today with our dedicated label specialists and see firsthand how we’ve spent the last 100 years meeting and exceeding our customers’ label needs and expectations.