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POSTED 08/10/2018
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If you’ve been searching for custom label options for a product you’re taking to market, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the “sticker shock” that comes along with the high-end custom label printing options. The reality is that you’d really like to use these for your superb products, yet when you look at the numbers of other label distributors, you’ve realized the cost is within reach from a budget perspective.

Customers hoping for something more than just a typical paper label produced from low-end materials, those would like a unique die-cut shape, or designers who hope to add colorful and eye-catching finishes to set the product apart from all the others often come to Epsen Hillmer Graphics defeated and ready to settle for less. That’s where we say, “We’re glad you came to Epsen Hillmer Graphics. We can help!”

Don’t Settle For Less With Custom Labels.

We don’t mind that you’ve shopped around for custom labels you can afford, but once you land on Epsen Hillmer Graphics’ custom label solutions and see how affordably we can produce a label that is far from the ordinary, we’re happy and ready to assist.

You’ll be pleased to find that we are able to offer some of the high-end materials that cost an arm and a leg elsewhere. Films and metallics, special inks and finishes like embossing and die-cutting no longer are cost prohibitive.

Using some of the most efficient production processes in the industry, the equity we’ve built in purchasing from the custom paper industry after hundreds of years in the business. Our willingness to pass these savings on to our customers makes all the difference.

One of our most unique cost-saving production offerings is combination printing. This allows us to do “ganged” print jobs of similar characteristics (materials, colors, etc.) in one print run. The end result? You get custom and even variable labels at a fraction of the cost.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics Works Hard to Create Life-Long Customers

We’d rather have a customer receive an extraordinary, long-lasting custom label at a fair price and see that customer return the next time they need custom label services than overcharge and never see you again. Maybe it’s our “Nebraska Nice” (we’ve been in our well-customized production facility in Omaha, Nebraska for more than 100 years).

It’s also our dedicated and experienced custom label specialists who like nothing more than to solve your custom label challenges on budget and on time, every time.

Contact Epsen Hillmer Graphics with Your Custom Label Questions (402) 342-7000!

High-end custom labels for your product don’t have to break the bank. If you have been searching for a custom label option that is beyond the ordinary, it’s time you take a look at Epsen Hillmer Graphics, A Nebraska icon for more than 100 years!