Functionality of Pressure Sensitive Labels

POSTED 12/08/2017
Beginners Guide for Customized Labels by EHG

A variety of factors make your labeling requirements unique. For this reason, pressure sensitive labels are the most popular style of a label printed today. No matter your industry, Epsen Hillmer Graphics has a label to fit your manufacturing needs and to grab the attention of the consumer.

At Epsen Hillmer Graphics, we look forward to impressing you and your consumer with the highly versatile capabilities of the pressure sensitive label. In fact, you may be surprised with the functionality, flexibility, and fashionable way a label enhances your brand.

Adhesive Options: There are many adhesive options available to suit the requirements of your package or bottle. Wash off labels, for example, allow the consumer to remove the label without caustic chemicals. Recycling becomes cleaner and easier. Resealable or reclosable label options allow the consumer to enjoy continued freshness and moisture after purchase. Removable and ultra-removable labels are available substrates for pressure sensitive label. Packaging labels that require frequent re-labeling due to inventory or pricing requirements, removable labels should definitely be considered.

Repositionable labels are also available, with the ability to be removed and adjusted during application. Choosing the best adhesive for your product label does require choosing from samples and thoroughly testing for your products end use is strongly recommended.

Appropriate temperature applications are critical to the consistency of your branding. If your packaging labels will be exposed to hot, cold, or wet environments, part of the design and decision process is choosing an adhesive that will adhere to the product in each circumstance. Whether the product will be stored in a hot warehouse or in an ice bucket, there is a label adhesive to accommodate that.

Pressure Sensitive Labels: Full Squeeze and  Tamper Resistant

Full Squeeze: Pressure sensitive labels literally offer flexibility. For the most flexible of products, the ever-growing squeezable packaging market, look for full squeeze packaging labels that conform and flex with the package. The benefits of high-quality on-package performance are increasingly experienced by manufacturers across the country, as this packaging style increases in popularity.

Tamper Resistant: Markets such as prescription and over the counter medications and food packaging require the safety precautions of tamper evident labels. Sometimes the tamper evident label is also critical to alerting the manufacturer and utilized in applications such as electronic devices or warranty seals. These labels delaminate and shred when removed, proving the product has been opened or tampered with. Custom Food Labels with these protective measures protect both the manufacturer and consumer.

Pressure Sensitive Labels: Clear Label and Reverse Print

Clear Label: Pressure sensitive labels offer a wide variety of finishes, stocks and print styles to enhance your product and brand. Ultra-clear labels on clear packaging provide immediate consumer connection by allowing the focus on the contents. Particularly popular in the beverage industry, clear labels are rapidly replacing paper label options. Providing an option with no visible label edges has encouraged designers to make full use of high-quality, custom images that appear to be directly on the package or even interacting with the product.

Reverse Print: Another popular option is viewing a label through the transparent liquid bottle, a pressure sensitive reverse printed back label compounds the effect of the branding through the package. And it’s fun.

At Epsen Hillmer Graphics, pressure sensitive labels are produced with a variety of finishing and printing options. Contact our customer service team for samples or feel free to call us at (402) 342-7000.