For Branding that Sticks, Choose Pressure Sensitive Labels

POSTED 12/21/2018
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Pressure sensitive labels (PSL) are definitely not new to label manufacturing but at Epsen Hillmer Graphics, we will be the first to tell you they are still one of the most versatile “go to” label options we have available. With so many choices offered for label production, you owe it to your brand and budget to explore the many ways PSL may be just the right choice for your next label project.

Pressure sensitive labels bring a look that is high-end at an affordable price, which means this is an excellent option for marketers and packages when looking for the best way to showcase their products. Every project is different, but there are some common basic processes built into pressure sensitive label production techniques.
The Many Layers of PSL

If you aren’t familiar with pressure sensitive labels, you may recognize them better if you think of them as basic “stickers.” They are typically produced in a series of layers that include:

  • The Liner – the backing material which is thrown away after application;
  • The Release Coat – a special top-surface coating which allows the label or brand art to easily peel away from the liner;
  • Adhesive – the glue that holds the label which varies based on the application and specific client requests or needs;
  • The Face Stock – the label material on which the brand or message is printed (usually paper, metal plastic, or another substrate);
  • The Top Coat – which is laminated on the face stock to help protect and finish the label itself.

Pressure sensitive labels are applied by using light pressure and are common on many products found on store shelves today.

Pressure Sensitive Labels are a Cost-Effective and Efficient Label Option

Because of the wide variety of PSL applications, Epsen Hillmer Graphics has cost-effective options that can be produced efficiently. Short- or long-run production volumes are available in our highly optimized setting which allows for faster setup, more precise label application and less waste which saves you both money and time on your label project.

Rely on Epsen Hillmer Graphics’ Years of Experience and Customer Satisfaction for PSL Application

Without a doubt, there are many decisions to be made when embarking on any labeling project and pressure sensitive label options are no exception. Selecting just the right materials, adhesives, substrates, and finishes depend on many different variables that are unique to your product and its intended use.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics is committed to making sure your pressure sensitive label project is not just successful, but also completed on time, to your specifications at a price you can afford. Call us today at (402) 342-7000 to talk about your pressure sensitive label project.