For a Glass Jar Label Your Grandma Would Love, Call Epsen Hillmer Graphics

POSTED 10/10/2018
EHG - Glass Jar Pressure Sensitive Labels

When your grandmother was canning fruits and vegetables 100 years ago in her kitchen, Epsen Hillmer Graphics was beginning its first days as a custom label manufacturer.

For so many families, storing food in glass jars was a necessity, making sure there would be food available for the year ahead long after the garden stopped producing. It took a lot of time and effort to get the pickles, beets, beans, peaches, cherries and more “put up” for the year ahead.

It’s true that we didn’t exactly join grandma in her kitchen back then, but we think she would have welcomed our help with labeling all those jars she lovingly filled and placed on the pantry shelf or root cellar. While she was pickling cucumbers and blanching corn, Epsen Hillmer Graphics was setting up to serve the next generation of food manufacturers as a custom label provider.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics Produces Quality Labels for Food Stored in Glass Jars

What we learned all those years ago is that glass jars are ideal for packaging foods and they still are today. If Grandma had the luxury of calling Epsen Hillmer Graphics to help put a label on each and every bottle she canned way back then, we think she would have welcomed our help with the final step – labeling what was inside.

Today, glass jars are still a package of choice for producers of fruits, vegetables and other food products. With many more requirements about food product labeling, the need to make sure the label represents the brand and the many other considerations that food manufacturers must consider when selecting a custom label manufacturer, choosing one that has been around as long as Epsen Hillmer Graphics has is reassuring.

High-Volume Glass Jar Labeling or One Jar at a Time, Epsen Hillmer Graphics is the Right Choice for Glass Jar Food Labels

Epsen Hillmer Graphics has come a long way in 100 years and we’ve perfected every kind of custom label our customers request. For glass jar labeling, we offer a variety of inks, paper choices, finishes and label adhesives to make sure your label lasts and looks great whether you are producing one jar or 100,000 jars. We’ll take every detail under consideration while helping you arrive at just the right custom label choice for your pickles, fruits, vegetables or other food items in glass jar storage.

Experience Matters When it Comes to Glass Jar Labeling

As a midwest label manufacturer in Omaha, Nebraska, Epsen Hillmer Graphics could only imagine the ways time would change the way food is produced and stored. We are pretty sure even grandma would be impressed by the wide-scale custom labeling options for glass jars used in our production facility today.

Call us to see how experience really does make a difference when it comes to glass jar labeling. Your grandma would definitely approve. 402-342-7000.