Five Questions to Ask When Designing a Cut & Stack Label

POSTED 01/19/2018
Beginners Guide for Customized Labels by EHG

As one of the most popular, versatile and affordable label options we offer at Epsen Hillmer Graphics, cut & stack labels are one of our “go to” recommendations for customers considering the plethora of label options before them. Affordable, able to be produced in high-volume print runs and the possibilities for customization make cut & stack labels a great fit for many product applications.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics has been a trusted partner literally thousands of customers seeking the highest quality, most appropriate and eye-catching label for the money invested. We’ve gained our customers’ trust by asking the important questions up front, listening to your needs, and working with you to identify the ideal options for your labeling project.

When beginning a discussion with one of our label specialists, you can expect to be asked to consider five essential questions as we explore the options available to you, no matter if you are exploring cut & stack label options or one of our other popular alternatives such as pressure sensitive labels.

What type of product will the label be adhered to?

This is one of those instances where it really is “what’s inside that counts.” For a label to do the best job for your product, it’s essential to know if it needs to stand up to oily ingredients, strong chemicals, or perhaps something that must be fire resistant. Imagine labeling a caustic cleaning product only to have the label smear or rub off after the first use? What’s inside the package will help Epsen Hillmer Graphics’ custom label printing experts guide you to the best label for the outside.

What is the shape of your product container?

Although they may get more attention on a sales display, it is definitely true that oddly shaped containers are harder to label than are those with simple, flat surfaces. To determine if any specialty finishes or materials are needed to make sure the label remains adhered, we’ll want to know the shape of things we are dealing with up front.

Where will this product spend its time?

This may sound like a silly question, but where your product hangs out in the time between production and purchase can make a big difference as to the best type of cut & stack or other custom labels to use. Will your project live inside of a frigid freezer? A moist or highly-humid location? Need to endure extreme heat? Cut & stack labels can perform well in any and all of these environments without losing color quality or label durability. The finishing options used will vary based on these specific circumstances involved.

How long is your product’s shelf-life expectancy?

Of course, you want your label to last a long time. The truth is, some products sell so quickly that an indestructible label may be overkill and cost more than necessary. Considering just how long your label needs to “survive” can be a critical determinant in what type of label to use and will help our custom label printing experts at Epsen Hillmer Graphics identify the right label given the life-cycle of your product.

What is your budget?

Cost is always among the most important consideration for any business owner when seeking options for custom label printing. We don’t want to recommend labels that are outside your budget and we would never try to sell you more label than you need. Rather, we’d prefer to know the details of your project’s budget so we can help find the very best label for the dollars you have to spend. Epsen Hillmer Graphics also offers cost-saving options like combination print runs (also known as “ganging”) to help save you even more.

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When you’re in the market to print custom cut & stack labels for your products, having the answers to these key questions will get our custom label printing experts headed down the right path to providing you with the most appropriate, highest-quality labels at the best price. Let’s talk labels!