Finishing the Perfect Label Design

POSTED 04/13/2018
Digital vs Traditional Label Printing - EHG

Now that you’re brimming with copy and color ideas, let’s dive a bit deeper into the world of label options. A perfect label is more than just paper and glue. When your label both stands out and holds up, it is a reflection of your brand. Here are a few more deciding factors that make your label perfect for your packaging needs.

Popular Label Materials

Labels don’t all have to start out as a white gloss. Some of the other popular options include clear, metallic, cream or off-white.

Clear labels are increasingly popular for many reasons. One advantage of a clear label on a clear bottle is the effect that is sometimes called the “no label” look. Also, clear labels give the option to print a solid background that looks like a custom shape. In beverages and other clear liquid products, there is also the option of reverse label printing. Think of a water bottle. This allows the consumer to read the back of the label through the actual product and is being used more commonly to intrigue and engage the consumer.

There are even label stock materials that can protect your product, like tamper-resistant options. If the product you’re labeling needs VIP treatment, contact Epsen Hillmer Graphics to discuss metallic and textured label materials that are unique and extremely versatile.

How to Determine the Ideal Label Adhesive

There are several adhesive options based on factors from machinability to the environmental stressors your perfect label will endure. There are also many high-tech options regarding temperature and moisture, or whether the product will be stored in a hot warehouse or an ice bucket. The experienced team at Epsen Hillmer Graphics will help you to choose from the variety of adhesive options based on the criteria of your packaging needs.

UV Coating & Lamination on Labels

The most common way to prevent smearing and protect copy on your label is UV coating. It is available in gloss, matte, and textured options. UV coating is less expensive than laminate but does not add as much to the durability of the label as laminating does.

Lamination also protects your colors from running or fading, as well as adds durability and strength to your perfect label. EHG offers lamination in matte, gloss, and satin options. The choice of finish is determined also by the material choice and the requirements of the packages’ end use.

When looking at UV or lamination and shine or textured options, ask yourself, do you want to match the market of your product or do you want it to stand out?

Label Sizes and Custom Shapes

The size of your label is first determined by the product/container size. You may choose to have a single label that wraps around the product, particularly if you’re developing a flexible or full squeeze label.

On the other hand, using separate labels on the front and back of the product is also a common option. Sometimes it is initially more expensive to produce and place two labels. However, down the road, this may turn out to be the best option if the product branding has one label the same on multiple products within a brand, and the second label changes from item to item, flavor to flavor, etc.

The Final Decision

Next, you need to decide the shape of your perfect label. Perhaps you want to match the label shape to the logo. No problem. Remember, every label design should be unique to its brand, the package, and its purpose. Sometimes, custom shaping a label draws the attention you’re hoping to get.

At Epsen Hillmer Graphics we have thousands of label sizes and shapes already available. Even still, almost every order we receive is a new custom size or shape. A custom shape incurs a one-time cost to rule the die, however, future orders do not incur special die charges, so it really is a worthwhile investment.

Contact EHG for the Perfect Label Design

Now, you are set to begin creating your label. There are so many options, we realize it may seem overwhelming at first. At Epsen Hillmer Graphics we want you to know about and use all of the great technology that is available. Feel free to Contact us or call us at (402) 342-7000 with your questions and ideas, there is nothing we love more than making the perfect label!