Essential Oils Deserve a Long-Lasting Custom Label

POSTED 02/14/2019
The Essence of Essential Oils Package Labeling - EHG

If you haven’t heard of essential oils, there is a very good chance that you need to get out more. These days, the essential oil craze has expanded beyond yoga studios and new age boutiques to become mainstream options for solving ailments like headaches and colds, to reducing stress and bringing a sense of wellbeing.

Essential oils can be diffused in the air, applied to the skin, and even consumed orally in some circumstances. Whether you believe the numerous claims that essential oils have medicinal benefits, there is one thing that bears true: thousands of people use essential oils and, as a result, more and more essential oil blends are being crafted and bottled every day.

Some essential oil bottlers find ways to label their oils using online templates and home printers. Unfortunately, these do-it-yourselfers often experience the main challenge that comes along with producing and bottling oils – the label deteriorates at first use. The very nature of the oily ingredients inside the bottle spell trouble for the typical label, causing the printing to smear, run, become unattractive and even unreadable.

Having Oil Labels That Last Is A Must

Epsen Hillmer Graphics in Omaha, Nebraska perfected essential oil labeling long before using these products became a craze. By using nearly indestructible oil-resistant papers and inks and by applying specialty finishes to protect the integrity of the label, essential oil bottlers can rest easy knowing their products will look as good after many uses as it does the first time the bottle is opened.

It goes beyond simple label integrity, however. Epsen Hillmer Graphics offers a variety of ink colors, label shapes and sizes to make your essential oil product stand out from the many others now appearing on the market. It is even possible to use foils, metallics and other eye-catching label materials to bring your product label to life. Label designers love to work with Epsen Hillmer Graphics because their imagination doesn’t have to be limited by an unattractive, medicinal looking label. And, consumers are more likely to select and purchase essential oils that also have an attractive label.

Perhaps most important, Epsen Hillmer Graphics’ label specialists can assist your design team in making sure essential product labeling is in place before your product ever hits store shelves. Depending on intended use, some essential oils must follow FDA labeling and packaging guidelines and you can’t afford to miss the important details as you bring your new essential oil product to market.

Another reason to call Epsen Hillmer Graphics about essential oil bottling options is the potential cost savings that can come with producing labels that may require variable product information or smaller print runs for specialized products. Oils often are produced in a variety of formulations and blends, making it very costly to create and produce the many labels needed to identify each bottle’s contents.

For example, if your product line includes Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Spearmint, Lemongrass or any variety of other oils, it is possible for Epsen Hillmer Graphics to produce similar labels for each, switching out only the oil name and unique identifiers such as ingredient and use information. Printing these in a “ganged” or combination print run allows for the variation needed in product labeling but brings significant cost savings for the bottle labeler.

Bottling and labeling essential oils? Call Epsen Hillmer Graphics to learn why our labels stand up to the many challenges essential oils can bring.

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