Epsen Hillmer Graphics Puts the Beauty in Skin Care Product Labels

POSTED 05/17/2018
Customized Labels for Health and Beauty Products

As a Pressure Sensitive Label provider of premium custom labels for more than 100 years, Epsen Hillmer Graphics can size up a product pretty quickly and identify the best label option. When it comes to labeling health and beauty products – and specifically skin care products – one of our go-to recommendations for our customers is the pressure sensitive label.

A PSL Primer, High-Tech Sticker

Think of a Pressure Sensitive Label (or PSL) as a really high-tech sticker. They go beyond what you might typically envision as a simple sticker because they can be made from paper, but also films and foils that provide a richer and more eye-catching look.

A wide variety of inks can be used which means color options are only limited by one’s imagination. There is an adhesive liner which “sticks” to the product with light pressure. Pressure Sensitive Label can be hand-applied for low volume orders, or machine applied when high quantities and label production speed is at issue.

Select the Ideal Labels for Skin Care Products

Now that you know how PSLs work, let’s consider their use for skin care or other beauty products.

There are a lot of reasons why pressure sensitive labels (or PSL) are an excellent choice for these types of products, but one of the most important is that it can really make these products stand out from all the others on the shelf.

With a large variety of paper options, colors, films and finishes, sophisticated product marketers can add the “wow” factor to the product through label design and custom application techniques.

Just as important to your custom label is its ability to stand up to the product inside. When it comes to health and beauty products, that means selecting a label that can do its job far beyond label application. With these label techniques and adhesive glue options for every need, you can be certain your label will remain adhered, hold up to oily or liquid spillage and be fade resistant in a variety of conditions.

Need something that can stand up to the heat and steam of a shower room or the continually moist environment by the sink? PSL (Pressure Sensitive Label) is a great answer to in these challenging label conditions.

Choose the Pressure Sensitive Labels Industry Leader for Producing Skin Care Labels

Not all professional label manufacturers can produce labels that stand up to the rigors of skin care or beauty product applications. Our Omaha-based production facility has solutions for any challenge your product can bring and we’d love to put our custom label specialists to work solving your labeling needs.

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