Epsen Hillmer Graphics Puts the Beauty in Custom Health and Beauty Labels

POSTED 11/09/2018
Customized Labels for Health and Beauty Products

It goes without saying that we’ve printed a lot of custom labels. You don’t operate a label manufacturing business for more than 100 years and not be able to safely make that bold claim!

But at Epsen Hillmer Graphics, it isn’t so much about the label quantity as much as it is the label quality and that statement holds especially true when we work with manufacturers of cosmetic and beauty products. It doesn’t matter if we are printing 10 or 10,000 labels; Epsen Hillmer Graphics puts the necessary attention and expertise into every beauty product label we produce. This means beauty product manufacturers can rest assured that an Epsen Hillmer Graphic custom label will deliver its brand message and promise from the date of purchase to its very last use.

Different types of products require specialized labels, not just to look great but also to stand up to the rigors of product shipping, storage, and use. This is especially true when speaking of health and beauty product labels. We make sure your beauty product looks great for its entire cycle of use by incorporating some of the important processes we’ve perfected along the way:

Constant handling means the label must be durable.

Beauty products aren’t simply purchased and set on a shelf. They get used. A lot. Epsen Hillmer Graphics will make sure the label used to represent your health and beauty product can stand up to repeated use in a variety of potential environments. We do this through careful selection of papers, films, and materials, identifying the right finishes and label features to be sure the product stays adhered, doesn’t fade or wear, and keeps doing its important job of representing your beauty item or product for the long haul.

Varying temperatures require the label to be heat and/or moisture-proof.

Beauty products end up in some pretty strange storage situations and Epsen Hillmer Graphics can help you design a label that lasts under even the harshest of conditions. Sitting on the ledge of a steamy shower, tossed in the bottom of a duffel bag or purse or packed inside a suitcase in the underbelly of an airplane, your beauty product label needs to adhere, stay adhered and look great no matter the environment it lands in.

Beauty products must stand out from the others.

There are hundreds of thousands of beauty products on store shelves. Finding a way to differentiate yours from all the rest begins with a unique custom label. From custom finishes, foils, metallics, die-cut label shapes, and many more options, Epsen Hillmer Graphics can help you find a way to help your beauty product stand apart.

If you are a manufacturer of health and beauty products or any other product for that matter, Epsen Hillmer Graphics is the right choice for all your custom label needs. Not only have we perfected our label technologies over many years, but we’ve also invested in staying up to date with the most current trends and materials to make your product labels look great and last a long time.

The label is such an important part of your product’s brand and directly impacts consumers’ appeal and potential purchasing behavior. Let us put our custom label expertise to work for you! Call Epsen Hillmer Graphics and speak with one of our experienced label specialists today. (402) 342-7000.