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POSTED 09/14/2018
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It won’t be long before you’ll start to see the familiar signs of the season on store shelves. The beginning of fall represents an exciting time of the year that includes the signs, sounds, and tastes of the holidays soon to come.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics loves this time of the year because it brings the opportunity to label specialty holiday beverages for our customers. The label designs are fun, colorful and a creative way to express the individual spirit of the season.

Everything from custom labeled water bottles for corporate holiday parties, to craft beers or wines and spirits, the holiday versions of these beverages are a fun and festive way to mark the longer days and upcoming celebrations in a creative and noticeable way.

Custom Labeled Water Bottles, Holiday Style

Corporate holiday parties are likely on the agenda in the coming days. A great way to give your office party a special touch is to print custom holiday labels or seasonal corporate sentiments on the water bottles distributed to party guests or customers.

A simple thank you for the business or a holiday greeting for employees and guests attending a special corporate function can make the occasion all the more special with a custom holiday label on the bottle. Ask Epsen Hillmer Graphics about custom water bottle label options designed for your special holiday celebrations or seasonal events. You’d be surprised how cost-effective custom-labeled water bottles are in exchange for the impact they can make for your event or business activity.

Holiday Craft Beers

There are some craft beers that consumers wait for all year long and the changing seasons mark a time when these holiday creations can be reintroduced to the market. Seasonal beers that feature festive labels make the brew inside all the more special.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics is a craft beer labeling specialist and would be happy to discuss ways to bring your unique, seasonal craft brew to market with a label designed to make an impression.

Festive Wines and Spirits

Bottled holiday wines and spirits require labels that represent the products inside and celebrate the season. Imagine your specialty wines with a label with a seasonal appeal such as a crisp apple ale or wintery blend. Because Epsen Hillmer Graphics can produce quality labels so affordable, wine and spirits bottlers can afford to produce labels that sell during each and every season.

Ask Epsen Hillmer Graphics About Affordable, Festive Holiday Label Options

Call our label specialists today to talk about the ways custom labels can set the tone for your company’s next holiday event, seasonal craft beverage or wine/spirits. 402-342-7000.