Epsen Hillmer Graphics Explains Four-Color Process

POSTED 04/15/2014
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When you’re in the beginning stages of custom label design, you’ll most likely want to talk to a professional label printing company like Epsen Hillmer Graphics to get the lowdown on procedures and processes that need to be followed before your label is ready to print. One beginning question we hear a lot is about Four-Color Process, or 4CP. Even though this is a basic term in the custom label printing industry, don’t be embarrassed if you’re not familiar with it! Everyone has to start somewhere, and our team of consumer product label specialists is here to help you expand your knowledge of the process.

In this article we’ll teach you about what Four-Color Process is and how it can help you create stunning beverage labels for your next custom label printing project.

Identifying the Four Colors of Four-Color Process

The four colors of Four-Color Process are cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, often referred to together as CMYK. If you’ve ever changed out the ink cartridges on your home printer these colors will look familiar. Why these four colors? Because by combining these basic colors, we at Epsen Hillmer Graphics can create any color in the Pantone (PMS) book. This allows you the maximum range of creativity when it comes to designing your beverage labels or other consumer product labels.

Without Four-Color Process, in other words, you’d be extremely limited in the colors you could choose to design your label with. This way, the possibilities are almost endless!

How Does Four-Color Process Work?

We like to think of the process as similar to how your eyes perceive color. Every color you’re able to see can be broken down and viewed as a combination of three basic colors—that’s right, of the millions of possible colors in the world, they all come down to red, yellow, and blue (or in our case, magenta, yellow, and cyan…see how that works?).

Your eyes work by combining these three colors into every color you see, but how does that work for printing with ink? We simply reverse-engineer the process, identifying every color you want to use on your label and breaking them down into their component colors. We then print layers of each of these basic colors onto your consumer product labels in the correct ratios to end up with the colors you want!

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