Embossing Can Work Great for Wine & Spirits Labels

POSTED 10/28/2015
Beginners Guide for Customized Labels by EHG

Although competition for shelf space and consumer attention can be fierce, there are ways that companies can use wine & spirits labels to help their products stand out. One option to consider is embossing. Taking advantage of embossing during the custom label printing process is a great way to give a special touch to bottles.

Everything You Need to Know About Embossing

The process of embossing is a great way to make labels even more creative. The way embossing works is it alters the surface of a label. This alteration is done by creating a raised area on a certain section of the label. When a label is embossed, it creates a 3D effect that’s not possible with other types of printing.

While the basic embossing process spans across a variety of label types, it’s worth noting that there are different options for embossing. One especially popular option is embossing with foil. This style of embossing is very good at making the lettering on a label stand out. Another benefit is it adds an appealing texture to a specific part of the label.

On a more technical level, specific types of embossing require dies with slight variations. Three of the most popular embossing processes are single level, multi-level and beveled. Single level is the simplest of the three, and is ideal for line effects or art. Multi-level embossing offers the ability to add multiple dimensional layers to a label, which makes it perfect for embossing intricately detailed images. Finally, beveled embossing is optimal for giving wine & spirits labels a feeling of depth.

Using Embossing for Wine & Spirits Labels

Thanks to the availability of different styles and types of embossing, finding a creative way to utilize embossing for wine & spirits labels is relatively easy to do. Choosing the right approach to embossing really comes down to what you specifically want to accomplish. For some products, the goal is to create a very unique look. For others, the focus is on creating a special tactile experience when a consumer grabs the product off an Omaha store shelf.

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Because there are many different embossing options available, it’s normal to simultaneously evaluate a few different choices. If you’ve narrowed your list of possibilities down but aren’t ready to make your final decision, we’ll be happy to discuss this topic with you and provide our professional feedback. With a history in Omaha that dates back over 100 years, we have literally seen it all. Our extensive knowledge enables us to guide every customer we work with towards exactly what they want for their labels.

By discussing embossing with Epsen Hillmer Graphics and ultimately working with us to get your wine & spirits labels printed, you can feel very confident about how your bottles are going to look and even feel. So if you’re ready to figure out exactly how you’re going to use embossing on your labels, call us at (402) 342-7000 to discuss the specifics of what you want your labels to accomplish.