Embossed Labels for Wine Bottles

POSTED 02/23/2016
Omaha Wine Labels for Wine Bottles - EHG

Whether you’re in the process of launching a new wine or are thinking about rebranding an existing wine, embossed labels can provide a way to make your bottles stand out. As winemakers know, while some people buy wines based on their extensive knowledge in this space, most people buy wines based on a little bit of experience and how the bottle looks. That’s why it’s vital for specific bottles to grab people’s attention. Given the role that embossed labels can play in accomplishing that goal, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about this method of customization.

How Embossed Labels Work on Wine Bottles

Embossing actually alters a label’s surface. By raising part of the label, it’s possible to create a type of 3D effect. What makes this type of customization stand out is it can’t be done with any other form of printing. One of the most common questions businesses have is which kinds of labels can be embossed. The answer is the basic process of embossing can be used on most types of labels.

Another question is if there are different styles of embossing. At Epsen Hillmer Graphics, we do offer multiple options. A very popular option is foil embossing. Not only does this type of embossing do a great job of making a label’s lettering stand out, but it also adds a nice texture to a specific area on the label.

Single level, multi-level and beveled are a few more examples of the types of embossing that are available. Single level works great for art or line effects, while multi-level is great if a detailed image needs to be embossed. And if your primary objective for embossed labels is to give your bottles a feeling of depth, beveled embossing is the way to go.

With all of the different label and embossing choices that are available, you may be wondering which option makes the most sense for your bottles. The answer to that question comes down to exactly what you’re trying to accomplish. For some, uniqueness is the top priority. Other winemakers are focused on maximizing the tactile experience that’s associated with their bottles. Regardless of the specific goal you have in mind, Epsen Hillmer Graphics will be able to help you think through your objective and choose the type of embossing that best supports it.

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