You Don’t Have to Have a Graphic Designer on Staff to Create a Custom Label

POSTED 06/22/2017
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Not all companies have the luxury of a graphic design department within their company. If you’re one of the lucky ones who has a marketing/graphics team, chances are when it comes time to design a label for a new product, you’re put in line behind all of the others who have requests in leaving you waiting longer than you wish.

If you aren’t lucky enough to have a designer where you work or a friend or relative with a graphic arts degree, you’ll need to find a professional who can provide creative and professional artwork for label production. And, there really is an “art” to creating labels that make products pop off the shelves leading to volume selling.

So, what are you to do if you need a custom label designed and don’t know where to turn? You have a few options;

Hire A Freelancer

There are hundreds of professionals locally and online who bill themselves as “designers” so you’ll need to do your homework here. Not all have the skills required to produce artwork that can translate into a high-quality, custom label. If you go this route, be sure to check references and ask up front for a project estimate. Better yet, get a recommendation from a trusted business that has had success working with this individual. There are also freelance services online that specialize in label design and most work by the hour. Find out about how many hours the designer anticipates your request will take before putting your credit card on file as a payment source. When working with a freelancer, the same rules apply here as they would if you hired someone to work on or in your home, check references and their online reviews. And, don’t forget to have a conversation with your label printing manufacturer prior to starting the design process so the freelancer understands specific specs and requirements for a successful printing job.

Use An Online Provider With “Template” Design Services

There are yet other options the search engines like Google for creating fast artwork and labels. You’ve likely received a special promo code from one of these particular printing companies and maybe even tried them out for business cards, letterhead or other printed materials. It’s true they do produce labels and offer “templates” so you can create your own designs. The end result is usually a combination of some pre-selected clip art, a logo, and text. If your product label is simple and clean, one of these resources might provide you just what you’re looking for; however, the more complex the label design, often times, you may be left with the feeling of you get what you pay for.

Call A Professional Label Designer/Manufacturer

We know what you are thinking, this sounds expensive! The truth is, most label designers/manufacturers provide very reasonable design services and do the job right the first time to ensure your finished custom label is perfect. Given that this is their specialty, you really can’t go wrong with this option. They may even assist you in finding a reputable local freelancer if that is the direction you’d like to go.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics will never steer you wrong in the important label design process. To talk about your business and specific label needs in detail, give us a call at 1-800-228-9940 and find out how we can help get your design done right, on time and guaranteed to deliver.