Do You Judge a Product by it’s Label? Choosing the Right Labels

POSTED 11/09/2017
Beginners Guide for Customized Labels by EHG

Do you judge a product by it’s label? Sure you do, who doesn’t? The design, style and finish of any product’s label is the introduction to the consumer. But more than that goes into choosing the right label for your bottled product.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics, an Omaha Label Company, offers a variety of label types. When choosing a label for a product, you need to consider the bottling/packaging requirements and also the label manufacturer’s equipment and requirements.

We Think Variety is Important!

At EHG, we offer these four primary label options to consider for packaged products:

In-Mold Labels: Epsen Hillmer Graphics (EHG) offers blow mold labels, these are placed in a mold before the container is formed (preform), then through heat activation the label adheres to the outside of the container. The container forms using air which expands the preform into the desired molded shape, activating the adhesive, and encasing the In-Mold Label within the outside wall.

Pressure-Sensitive Labels: This label involves a face sheet, adhesive, and removable liner. When the Pressure-Sensitive Label is applied, the label sticks to the container and the carrier is stripped away. Common material options include paper, paper with a film laminate, or film. Epsen Hillmer Graphics also offers custom options to Pressure-Sensitive Labels like foil stamping and custom die cutting.

Cut-and-Stack Labels: This label can adhere both at the point of contact between the label and container and where the material overlaps itself. The Cut-And-Stack labels are most often applied to single serve containers such as water bottles or juice containers.

Roll-To-Roll Labels: Roll-To-Roll labels are produced and finished in roll form with continuous graphics, most commonly produced via offset or flexo printing. Sensors on the labeling equipment detect the cut off point for each label during application. The end of each label is glued to the bottle, similar to the cut and stack label process. This full wrap option is generally applied to jars or straight wall bottles.

Design And The FDA!

When it comes to bottled water, the clear water and bottle don’t tell the consumer all of the facts, it’s up to the label to do this. The label must name the manufacturer, packer and distributor as well as all Nutrition Labeling and Education Act (NLEA) rules, and FDA specific requirements for bottled water. The FDA states, “There are regulations that focus specifically on bottled water, including: standard of identity, standard of quality, and current good manufacturing practice.”

Once you’ve satisfied the legalities, Epsen Hillmer Graphics is ready to help you with design. Our experienced and helpful Omaha Label Company offers both on-site graphics and customer service departments to guide you through the processes of choosing the best printing and finishing options for your label.  The experts at EHG will discuss with you several questions, including storage and shipping plans to guide you through choosing the best stock and finishing decisions. We also offer a variety of print, foil, and custom options to choose from to make your product stand out.

Check out our gallery of eye-catching labels and contact us at (402) 342-7000 with any questions or sample requests. We look forward to putting your best label forward.