Digital vs. Traditional Label Printing for Liquor Bottles

POSTED 09/17/2015
Digital vs Traditional Label Printing - EHG

Of all the different types of label printing that we do at Epsen Hillmer Graphics, one of the most in-demand is for liquor and other spirits bottles. While you would have a hard time finding an established industry that’s not competitive, being able to stand out on store shelves is especially important for liquor and spirits companies. Brand perception can literally make or break a company in this industry, which is why creating the perfect bottle label is a key piece of the puzzle.

Whether a company is launching a new product, rebranding an existing item that they sell or interested in moving their current label printing requirements to a new provider, potential customers generally have quite a few questions when they first come to us. Many of these questions are related to the size and scope of projects.

One issue that often comes up during these conversations is whether digital or traditional printing is going to work best. In addition to wanting to know which option offers the best appearance, most Omaha businesses are also very interested in the price differences between the two types of printing.

The Easiest Way to Understand Digital vs. Traditional Label Printing

When done by experienced professionals with high quality equipment, both digital and traditional label printing can provide very attractive labels. The key differentiator between the two methods is how many labels are being printed. For smaller runs, digital printing can offer a compelling price. Then as the size of a run increases, traditional printing becomes the most cost-effective option.

The analogy we like to use is that of home printing. For an average household that just wants to print the occasional recipe, email or homework assignment, a small inkjet printer is going to get the job done at a reasonable price. The label equivalent of this is digital printing.

On the other hand, if a household includes a lawyer with a home office who needs to print lengthy briefs or an eBay seller that is printing lots of labels, an inkjet printer is going to get pricy. With this scenario, the slightly higher initial cost of a laser printer will yield long-term savings. The label equivalent of this is traditional printing.

The Right Time to Make the Switch

As a rule of thumb, we usually recommend traditional label printing to companies that need to print 1,000 to 10,000 at a time. Under that threshold, digital printing is probably going to be your best option. If you want to confirm that’s true for your specific needs, we’ll be happy to discuss your label printing project in detail.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics Is The Expert Team You Can Trust

A big part of why we’ve been fortunate enough to thrive in Omaha since 1908 is we have always been committed to doing what’s best for our customers. So if you need great labels for your company’s liquor bottles and want to ensure that you get the best value, we’re here to help. All you need to do is call us at (402) 342-7000.