From Digital to Traditional Label Printing: When Should Your Company Take the Next Step?

POSTED 06/29/2018
Digital vs Traditional Label Printing - EHG

When it comes to custom label printing, our specialists at Epsen Hillmer Graphics run into a lot of questions from customers regarding the size and scope of their label printing projects.

Of course, every company wants the most cost-effective print run it can get, but not all companies (especially those small to medium-sized ones) need a large number of labels that make the traditional label printing method cost-effective.

That’s where digital label printing comes in. With digital printing, you can print those smaller runs of labels that would cause costs to balloon with traditional printing methods.

Here’s the question, how are you supposed to know when the time is right to transition from digital to traditional printing methods?

It’s first and foremost a matter of making the switch at precisely the moment when digital printing no longer makes economic sense.

In this article, our custom label printing experts at Epsen Hillmer Graphics will guide you through the process of switching from digital to traditional label printing so you can save time and money on your label printing costs!

Think in terms of printing at home

When you’re shopping for a home printer, what do you usually consider when making your decision? If you’re a cost-conscious consumer, you’ll think about things like how often you print documents, how large those documents are, and how fast you need them printed.

If you don’t print very often, have small print jobs, and speed isn’t an issue, you can usually get by with a small inkjet printer that has a relatively low upfront cost. This is digital label printing.

However, when you need to print a lot of lengthy documents under a tight deadline, the inkjet printer starts to make less sense.

You’ll soon be bogged down with the high costs of replacing ink, as well as the opportunity cost of waiting on the slower printer. At around this time, you’ll be thinking about upgrading to a laser printer that can handle your bigger jobs more efficiently, with faster turnaround time. This is traditional label printing.

So how do you know when the time is right to switch?

With every business being different and having individual label printing concerns, there is no hard and fast rule that dictates the right time to switch.

There is, however, a general guideline that we at Epsen Hillmer Graphics find useful: once your company grows to the point where you need to print around 5,000 to 10,000 labels at a time, you’ll generally experience that traditional printing begins to make more economic sense.

At around this time, you’ll notice that the lower setup cost of digital label printing matters less than the money you’re spending on more expensive replenishable like ink and the increased time it takes to complete a job.

Digital label printing is meant for smaller print runs, so when you reach that 5,000 to 10,000 label mark, you should start looking at traditional label printing to carry your business onward and upward!

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