Digital Label Printing vs. Traditional Label Printing

POSTED 04/27/2018
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For custom labels, digital and traditional printing methods are both great options, but knowing which is best suited to your project and custom product depends on a couple of key variables. To explore the basic differences between the two label printing methods, view below;

Traditional (or Offset) Printing for Label Production

Epsen Hillmer Graphics has some of the most advanced technology available when it comes to traditional commercial label printing. Offset techniques involve the use of aluminum plates that transfer an image onto a rubber “blanket” which then rolls the image on to a large sheet of paper. Using offset printing methods, we can produce high-quality labels in large quantities, providing spot-on color results with a crisp, clean and professional finish every time.

Traditional printing techniques are designed for large-quantity label needs. There are many advantages to this method, and the most notable is cost-effectiveness (the more labels printed, the lower the per label price). Epsen Hillmer Graphics’ offset label printing services also allow for a large variety of paper types, custom finishes and custom inks (including metallic inks), producing high-quality, detailed labels.

Digital Label Printing

Digital printing, on the other hand, doesn’t use plates and instead applies the liquid ink (or toner, like that used in typical laser printers) directly on to the paper. This label printing option is really best suited for smaller print runs (think 500 or fewer) or those instances when variable data such as a unique product name, code or descriptor is required.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics’ digital label printing options are extensive and are a perfect choice when you want to print only the amount of labels you need when you need them. You can also choose from a large variety of paper options, incorporate variable data and stay on budget with digital printing options. Digital label printing is also ideal for those situations when you are test-marketing a product in limited quantities, or anticipate a brand change coming soon.

If you don’t need thousands of the same label, opt for digital printing to avoid potential waste and to save on costs.

Not Sure About the Best Printing Option for Your Custom Labels?

The best part is that your product label needs can be met with either of these printing choices – traditional offset or digital. And, with the high-level of quality provided at Epsen Hillmer Graphics, we can deliver you labels that represent your product with the quality, color, and cost-effectiveness you need and expect.

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You never have to wonder which label printing method is best suited for your needs if you partner with Epsen Hillmer Graphics. Our label specialists will help guide you to the right choice for your product and business, keeping in mind all of the variables that come into play.

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