Digital Label Printing for Liquor Bottles

POSTED 12/04/2015
Digital vs Traditional Label Printing - EHG

When a new client comes to Epsen Hillmer Graphics in need of labels for their wine, liquor or other spirits bottles, one of the questions they often ask is if digital label printing makes sense for their application. The general answer to that question is no. While there are certain situations where digital label printing may be the best option, it’s usually the case that conventional label printing is the right choice.

Because being as helpful as possible has always been an important part of our Omaha business, we want to use this blog post to look at what sets these two types of printing apart:

Using Digital Label Printing for Liquor Bottles

The main appeal of digital printing is it doesn’t require setting up a machine to print the labels. As a result, smaller runs of labels can generally be printed for less digitally than is possible with the conventional printing approach. But for companies with runs of at least five thousand labels, conventional printing is definitely going to be the way to go.

Conventional Label Printing Offers Significant Benefits

One of the reasons that people are often interested in digital label printing is they assume it’s a superior technology. Although digital solutions are usually ahead of the curve in other industries, conventional label printing actually offers specific benefits that simply aren’t possible with digital printing.

A notable benefit associated with conventional label printing is having more flexibility in terms of color. For example, spot color offers a powerful way for liquor companies to make their bottles stand out on store shelves. In order to use spot color, labels need to be printed on a conventional machine.

As a rule of thumb, pressure sensitive labels are the best option for wine, liquor and other spirits bottles. By combining these labels with conventional printing, companies can take full advantage of all the design technologies that exist to ensure their labels look truly great.

EHG is Happy to Answer Your Questions

Companies who want the best labels for their liquor bottles are almost always going to be happiest with the outcome of conventional printing. Once they’ve learned about the differences between the two types of printing, the only reason some companies still consider digital label printing is they’re concerned about the cost of going the conventional route.

Providing the best labels for companies of all sizes is why Epsen Hillmer Graphics has worked hard to innovate in regards to our conventional label printing. Focusing on this area has made it possible for us to offer smaller runs of conventionally printed labels than other printers.

So even if your company assumes that conventional label printing isn’t a possibility, don’t make that final decision until you have a chance to speak with our Omaha business. To learn how we’re able to do conventional printing in smaller runs or for answers to any other questions you may have, be sure to give us a call at (402) 342-7000.