Designing Great Labels for Household Cleaners

POSTED 12/15/2016
EHG - 5 Label Solutions for Household Products

Regardless of the specific retail environment, household cleaners are a very competitive area. Because shelf space for this product can be difficult to secure and maintain, it’s important to take advantage of any opportunity that’s available for standing out to consumers. Great labels are one of those opportunities. When a product has the ideal type of label on it, people are going to naturally be drawn to it. And just as importantly, they’re going to feel comfortable taking it off the shelf and purchasing it. The power that labels have can be enough to help a brand develop into a household name.

Household Cleaner Labels Need Specific Traits

As a company that’s been a leader in the label industry for more than a century, we understand the importance of using specific types of labels for different products. What works great for one category of products simply may not work at all for another. With labels that are used for household cleaners, toughness is very important. Not only are the substances inside of cleaning bottles tough on household grime, but the bottles themselves may be exposed to some very challenging conditions. That’s why you want to be sure you have a label that’s going to stay on the bottle regardless of the environment.

Another necessary trait of these labels is the ability to apply them in different ways. Some products may only have a label on the front, while others may go on both sides. The same is true for materials. Film, paper or standard labels are all options that may work well on different types of cleaners. Having the ability to pinpoint the right option and then utilize it is essential.

The Best Starting Points for Household Cleaner Labels

By offering a number of different label options, we’re able to work with our clients in a highly personalized way and narrow down their choice to what’s going to provide all the traits they need. We want to cover a few options to give you an idea of the different choices that are available. Pressure sensitive labels work great when quality graphics are a top priority, while in-mold labels are excellent if extreme durability is a must. And for solutions that are very cost-effective while still delivering quality, both roll-to-roll and cut & stack labels work great. We also offer combination printing for smaller jobs in the 25,000+ range.

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While we hope you now have a better idea of the different options that are available for great labels, don’t worry if you’re still unsure of what’s going to work best on your household cleaning products. When you work with Epsen Hillmer Graphics, you get expert help during every step in this process. For answers to any other questions you may have about great labels for household cleaners or to begin working with us, please call our office at (402) 342-7000.