Cut & Stack Labels Offer Great Value

POSTED 01/28/2016
EHG Cost Effective Customized Product Labels

Cut & stack labels could be an option for some entrepreneurs that need cost-effective quality. At Epsen Hillmer Graphics, we always want to match our clients with the solutions that are the best fit for their specific needs. When cost-effectiveness, large volume and high quality labels are a top priority for your consumer goods company, cut & stack labels could be a good recommendation. There are several specific reasons why we might recommend Cut and Stack labels and we’re going to cover those reasons right now.

The Basics of Cut & Stack Labels

There are a handful of key traits that set cut & stack labels apart from other offerings. The first trait is just how cost-effective these labels are when they’re printed for high-volume applications. The reason these labels offer such great value is they’re printed through roll-fed presses on large sheets. Once the labels are printed, they are cut and then stacked. While rectangles are the most common shape used for these labels, a die can be used to cut the labels into any shape.

Another trait that makes these labels a popular choice is the way that they’re applied. The most common method of application is the label is wrapped all the way around a bottle and then glued to itself. But if a label is cut into a custom shape that’s smaller than the bottle, it can be glued directly to the bottle. While that approach reduces material costs, it does increase the complexity of the application process.

The other very notable trait of these labels is the quality of their graphics. Regardless of whether the material used is plastic film, paper, wet-strength or clear film, the quality of the image printed on the labels will look great.

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