Cut & Stack Labels Material: Paper, Synthetic, Clear Film, and More!

POSTED 10/20/2014

cut & stack labels_EHGIn order to make the best decisions possible when printing cut & stack labels with Epsen Hillmer Graphics, you have to know your options when it comes to which label materials will best fit your needs and unique situation. Today our custom label printing specialists will go over common types of label materials used for cut & stack labels, including clear films, synthetic, papers, and some specialty options that you may not have thought of!

Paper Options for Cut & Stack Labels

Paper is a versatile, economical choice for your label material. Suitable for a wide range of applications, including food & beverage products and household products, paper labels get the job done on budget.

The best thing about paper as a label material is its nearly limitless customization options. Wet-strength paper, for example, is perfect for when you need a hardy, rugged label for use in conditions where ordinary cut & stack labels might fall apart, like in an ice chest or cooler.

Synthetic Materials – EHG is the Market Leader!

When you feel like your cut & stack labels need a little pop to grab customers’ attention at the shelf, or more durability. Then you might want to investigate using Synthetic Materials. Epsen Hillmer Graphics has one of the largest combination programs using Synthetic materials in North America. This means is we can pass off savings to our customers because we can print many different labels together to achieve economy of scale savings. This process also allows us to substantially reduce your lead times!

And when you’ve decided on one of the many options available from our custom label printing company, you can add even more shelf appeal with specialty varnish coatings to give a shiny and dimensional effect to your label.

Clear Film Labels for Something a Little Different

Clear Film material for cut & stack labels gives you the option of designing a label that’s different from your competitors. Whereas paper labels are always going to be opaque (meaning you can’t see through them), film labels are clear so you can showcase the physical characteristics of your products. The colors and textures of your products are never more vibrant than with film labels, and their see-through properties allow for all kinds of multi-dimensional label designs that just aren’t possible with opaque labels.

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As you can see, there are many material options available from Epsen Hillmer Graphics for your cut & stack labels, and no other custom label printing company in the Omaha area comes close to the level of personalized service you get when you work with our team. Give us a call today at (402) 342-7000 to get started on your next cut & stack labels project.