Cut & Stack Labels and How You Can Use Them

POSTED 11/18/2014
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If you’re looking to print custom labels for your products, you may have heard terms like pressure sensitive labels, roll-to-roll labels, in-mold labels, or cut and stack labels, and you might be a bit confused as to where to start. Today our team at Epsen Hillmer Graphics will talk about the basics of one of the most prevalent label types, cut & stack labels, and tell you how you can use them to create vibrant, versatile, and cost-effective labels for a variety of products.

What are Cut and Stack Labels?

Cut & stack labels are the label type of choice for a wide variety of products, and this is for a number of reasons. They’re a very cost-effective labeling choice because of the way they’re manufactured. These labels are printed on long rolls of material at high-volume capacities, meaning that we’re able to reduce our costs and yours when you have bigger runs to print.

Our team at Epsen Hillmer Graphics is also able to reduce costs for those smaller companies who don’t need as many cut & stack labels—by using combination runs (also known as ganging) we’re able to print your labels alongside other orders using similar print materials and ink specifications, lowering costs for custom label printing all around!

After cut & stack labels are printed, cut to size, and stacked (that’s where the name comes from, in case you were wondering!), they’re affixed to your products. The label is wrapped all the way around the cylindrical surface of the can or bottle and normally glued to itself. With this type of label, you have the maximum amount of surface area to work with when designing how your label will look—more room for design elements like striking graphics, fonts, colors, and text means that your labels can have maximum impact on store shelves!

You may even consider using a QR (Quick Response) code on your cut and stack labels to give consumers another reason to engage with your products before they buy them.

How You Can Use Cut & Stack Labels

Cut & stack labels are an incredibly versatile type of label—they’re efficient to manufacture, they’re available in a wide variety of materials to suit your design specifications, and at Epsen Hillmer Graphics, we are able to print cut and stack labels with extremely high-quality. This means that the labels you print with us feature crisp images, vibrant colors, and top-of-the-line durability, so your labels can look their best throughout application, storage, and end-use by your customers.

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Cut & stack labels can be used on a wide variety of products, from food and beverages to home products and more! We here at EHG are experts in all aspects of cut and stack label printing, so give us a call at (402) 342-7000 when you’re ready to print labels for your products! We’ll make sure you end up with custom labels that reflect the best your company brand has to offer.