How Cut & Stack Labels Can Help a Company Scale

POSTED 07/21/2016
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Anyone who has a started a business will agree that it’s not an easy task. What’s interesting is there’s a common misunderstanding among people who haven’t opened a business that getting started is the hardest part. In reality, it’s just one of many challenging steps in the process of building a lasting business.

If your company is in a phase where it’s facing some growing pains, you’re definitely not alone. Even though growing fast is a better problem to have than not growing at all, quickly scaling does present some very real challenges. And if those challenges aren’t handled the right way, it can spell disaster.

The food industry is a place where scaling issues are fairly common. One of the reasons for this is it only takes getting distribution within one large retailer for demand to go way up in a short amount of time. When this happens, a food product has to figure out the best way to scale each of the steps in their operations.

One of those steps is packaging. The main dilemma companies face is they need to produce significantly more labels but don’t want to sacrifice the quality for any labels. Given the impact that labels can have on how well a food product sells in a retail environment, it definitely makes sense for companies not to cut corners in this area.

Cut & Stack Labels Are a High-Quality, Scalable Solution

At Epsen Hillmer Graphics, we have lots of experience helping food product companies with their packaging. When a company comes to us in need of a scalable labeling solution that doesn’t sacrifice quality, cut & stack labels are our top recommendation. If you aren’t familiar with these labels, they’re printed on large sheets. After printing, the labels can be cut into individual rectangles. It’s also possible to cut them into a different shape if a product has that unique requirement.

Once cut, the simplest method of application is to glue the label to itself. Thanks to the simplicity of this application process, it’s something that can be handled in-house or by a co-packer. Another reason cut & stack labels are so great is they minimize waste. That actually adds to the attractive cost of these labels.

In addition to their high quality and great costs, cut & stack labels can be customized in a variety of ways. Sizes, materials, colors and shapes are all things that can be tailored to the specific needs of your food products. And all of those customizations will continue to look their best thanks to the great durability of cut & stack labels.

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