Cut and Stack Labels Bring Versatility, Impact

POSTED 11/30/2017
EHG - Your Guide to Creating Great Food Labels

Epsen Hillmer Graphics produces millions of labels each year and one of the most popular with our customers is Cut and Stack. If you are looking for an affordable yet high-quality label option, there are a lot of reasons you should take a hard look at the many benefits of Cut and Stack labels among the multitude of other options available.

There Are Limitless Possibilities With Cut And Stack Labels

These glue-applied labels can be customized from the most basic – to ultra-premium, high impact labels – using Epsen Hillmer Graphics’ advanced label production technology. Unlimited color options, ink types, a variety of finishes/coatings and multiple substrate choices can help set your products apart from all the others on the shelf. These labels are durable and long-lasting, which means your product has eye-appeal far beyond the production process and eventual stocking.

These economical labels stand up to heat, scuffing, cold and moisture without compromising color, clarity or performance. Cut and Stack Labels are ideal for high-volume applications for a full-wrap label and 360° branding. Die-cutting can also be used to create distinctive shapes and if that isn’t enough, Cut and Stack labels are easy to store, taking up less room than some other label options.

Additional Benefits Of Epsen Hillmer Graphics’ Cut And Stack Labels

  • You can expect fast label delivery due to the well-streamlined offset-printing production process. If time is of the essence, take a look at Cut and Stack.
  • These labels are well-suited for high-volume production, which means lower cost per label.
  • Cut and Stack label production can utilize Epsen Hillmer Graphics’ ultra-efficient combination printing services, which means we can print labels for multiple products that share label material, color and finish specifications – all in one print run. The savings are passed on to you.
  • Cut and Stack labels are suitable for a variety of industries. Epsen Hillmer Graphics serves prominent label brands in Food, Beverage, and Household Product industries and is well known for producing high-quality Cut and Stack labels for major beer brands, craft beers, wine and spirits, and many other consumer packaged goods categories. There isn’t a product that can’t be a potentially good fit for Cut and Stack label options.
  • Epsen Hillmer Graphics also provides low volume Cut and Stack printing – under 25,000 labels – for seasonal labels and newer product lines where you might prefer to test market penetration varietal label design or A/B product testing.

Not sure if Cut and Stack labels would be the best option for your product? Visit today with our dedicated label specialists to talk about the many options available. You can expect an Epsen Hillmer Graphics professional to talk through all of your options, keeping in mind your budget and overall product strategy, so you arrive at the best label choice for your specific need. Call us today at (402) 342-7000.