Cut and Stack Labels are a Durable, Budget-Friendly Option

POSTED 01/04/2019

Cut & stack labels are a durable and budget-friendly option for all types of products. Also known as glue-applied or “wet glue” labels, cut & stack is and Epsen Hillmer Graphics specialty. Cut & stack labels are a time-honored, classic way to label bottles, jars, and cans produced by a wide variety of industries.

It’s true they are economical because they can be produced in large quantities using high-speed printing technology. They can also be printed in smaller, combination print runs for lower-volume or products that require variable label data (as in the case of offering different flavors or varieties of a similar product).

Always Economical, Never Boring

Just because cut & stack labels are economical, that does not mean they are boring or outdated. In fact, cut & stack labels are as cutting edge today as they were many years ago. The reason is because of the wide variety of options available to dress up a personalize labels of every kind.

Choose from a wide variety of substrate, finishing and printing options to personalize your products with cut & stack labels

Epsen Hillmer Graphics offers a wide range of premium options to customize cut & stack labels in any way to better identify and reinforce your brand. Advanced printing technologies from digital, flexographic, high color and offset lithographic options allow our customers to take creative control of the cut & stack labels we produce exactly to your specifications and expectations.

A wide variety of label enhancements are available from Epsen Hillmer Graphics to take your cut & stack labels to another level. From finishing options such as embossing, UV coatings, bronzing and hot/cold stamping, your product label will definitely stand out from the competition on store shelves.

Cut & Stack Applications With Exciting Promotional Features

Within the cut & stack label family are a wide range of types and Epsen Hillmer Graphics has years of experience and success with virtually every cut & stack label application. From wrap-around labels applied with hot glue as the pick-up and either cold or hot glue on the lap (depending on your particular application), Epsen Hillmer Graphics can help identify the exact right choice. Cold-glue applied spot labels and promotional labels designed to attract attention and sales are all in the Epsen Hillmer Graphics skillset.

Other options to ask an Epsen Hillmer Graphics label specialist about include exciting promotional features such as peel and reveal, peel and reseal, perforation and digital personalization.

With so many cut & stack label options from Epsen Hillmer Graphics, it can be difficult to know exactly which one is right for your product. That’s where our experienced label professionals can step in to talk you through all the choices available, keeping in mind your timeframe and budget. Give us a call at 402-342-7000 to chat about cut & stack labels.