Custom Peel and Stick Labels Bring High Impact with a Small Footprint

POSTED 10/18/2018
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Sometimes your packaging just needs a little something more to draw attention to it or to catch the eye of a potential buyer. In these cases, custom peel and stick labels from Epsen Hillmer Graphics are a high-impact, low-cost label solution.

Most people take for granted the small but impactful labels added to packaging to make a statement. For some buyers, it’s a way to quickly spot a bargain (“Special! 50% Off!”) and for others, it’s a key differentiator that helps make the crucial, correct purchasing decision for them or their families (“Gluten Free” or “Dairy Free”). One thing is for certain, these little labels can add a lot of meaning using a relatively small area of packaging real estate.

Even labels as small and seemingly simple as these peel and stick varieties actually require a great deal of expertise to produce. And, there are many considerations that need to be thought through before we can produce a peel and stick label for your product.

Where will this peel and stick label ultimately be used?

The actual physical environment where the label will end up is important. For example, if you are adding a packaging statement via peel and stick label you’ll want to be sure it can stand up to cold if this package is a frozen food item. Does the label need to be moisture-resistant? Able to stand up to oily or caustic materials? Outdoor applications? That information helps Epsen Hillmer Graphics identify just the right type of substrates, finishes, and adhesives to select for your peel and stick project.

Does the label need to be repositionable?

If you are needing to remove and reposition a label (imagine you put it on off-center, or would like to move it to a different location on the package to catch attention), repositionable peel and stick labels are a great option. Epsen Hillmer Graphics has materials to make sure your label can be adhered, removed then re-adhered without damaging the original packaging.

What type of surface will the label need to adhere to?

Where the label needs to stick can tell us a lot about the right choice for your peel and stick project. For example, if your peel and stick label will be affixed to a bottle or can that might draw moisture, then a different variety of paper, film, and adhesives will need to be considered. Is the label sticking to a cellophane wrapper? Choosing a vibrant and colorful ink or paper can help the label pop and bring real visual impact.

Will the labels be used to identify food allergy or other critical information?

Do you need to make sure the label sticks and stays put? Permanent adhesives can be selected to make sure your peel and stick label communicates clearly from day one of application through consumer purchase. When the label absolutely needs to stick and stay put, we can help.

Do you want to be able to remove the label without damaging the original packaging?

Sometimes, packaged items on sale one day may not be tomorrow. Having the ability to cleanly remove a label can be achieved by discussing removable peel and stick options with your Epsen Hillmer Graphics label specialist.

With so much to say and so little space to say it, custom peel and stick labels from Epsen Hillmer Graphics are a great choice for all types of packages and industries. Call us today at 402-342-7000 to talk about your peel and stick label needs.