Custom Labels for Men’s Health and Beauty Products

POSTED 12/07/2018
labels for mens health and beauty producst

Where products for men once included little more than deodorants, shampoos, and shaving creams, it isn’t uncommon to find today’s shelves loaded with special health and beauty products made just for men. Facial moisturizes, eye creams, anti-aging serums, and most recently, a number of products for beards and mustaches have emerged on the scene. In fact, one market projection sees the global male grooming market growing to about 29.14 billion U.S. dollars by 2024.

Simply put, we have helped label thousands of health and beauty products, including those designed to attract male audiences. Epsen Hillmer Graphics is an excellent choice for marketers entering or already established in the distribution or sale of products designed uniquely for men. Bringing our long history of producing high quality, affordable custom labels is what we do best, no matter who the product is targeted toward.

Labeling Products Designed for Men

Labeling products with a male audience in mind require the same attention to aspects such as label integrity, that is, making sure the label can stand up to the rigors of a moist shower or the bottom of a duffel bag. Creating a long-lasting label is necessary to make sure your product delivers the brand message and important use instructions throughout the product life cycle.
However, designing labels to appeal to a male audience requires some design adjustments and creativity. Epsen Hillmer Graphics can help.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics offers a wide variety of the latest label materials, specialty finishes, films, die-cut shapes and inks to make sure your product appeals to the male-focused audience. Expert advice from our custom label specialists can help guide you to the best options for your particular product.

A well-designed label should attract the attention of the purchaser (keep in mind, many consumers may be women buying health and beauty products for the men in their lives). The labels should elude to certain masculinity without being cliche. One company making skincare products for men describes it as “masculine like a Porsche but not like a Dodge Viper, which is overly masculine.

While that description may leave you scratching your head, our label specialists can help clear the confusion by pointing out just the right films, paper stocks and finishes to compliment the message you hope to express and to drive the brand recognition needed to grow sales.

Consider Epsen Hillmer Graphics for custom labels for men’s grooming products.

For marketers of health and beauty products designed for men, Epsen Hillmer Graphics is the right custom label manufacturer to craft labels that look high-end and masculine at a surprisingly affordable price. Call Epsen Hillmer Graphics today at 402-342-7000 and ask to speak with one of our label specialists.