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POSTED 02/23/2018
The Essence of Essential Oils Package Labeling - EHG

The business of essential oils is booming. If you are a producer of these popular products, there is no better time than now to take a hard look at the label you’re using to represent your oils and therapeutic oil blends.

The big players in the oil blends already know that their products require special packaging and labeling. If you hope to survive in this competitive market, you can’t afford to let an underperforming label ruin your chances of standing up to well-known and already established by brands who’ve helped pave the way in the essential oil industry.

So, what’s so difficult about labeling essential oils?

Professional label producers like Epsen Hillmer Graphics in Omaha, Nebraska, know that there is a lot that can go wrong in labeling this challenging product. Although there are many do-it-yourself printing options out there for labeling essential oils, there are more than a few reasons why the important detail of labeling your essential oil product is best left to the professionals.

First, essential oils require a label that can stand up to some pretty tough circumstances and it starts with the oily nature of the product itself.

A label that doesn’t use the right materials and adhesives will never stay vibrant, adhered and readable once the bottle is opened. The outer bottle itself is typically a bit oily from the production and filling process, which can also make label adhesion a real problem.

Common issues with labeling essential oil products with inappropriate materials include smearing to the point of becoming unreadable, spilled oil seeping into the label which absorbs, then discolors making it useless, and losing adhesion to the point where the label simply falls off. This is definitely not how you would want to position your product in the marketplace.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics has the experience in labeling essential oils

that you don’t have to worry about these common label problems. When you meet with one of our experts to explore options, we’ll discuss the various factors that can affect a label’s performance and talk about important details such as label materials that are suitable for oil-based products (like polypropylene films and laminate finishes for extra protection) and the appropriate strength adhesives for your particular product.

With many options including pressure sensitive labels, cut & stack labels and roll-to-roll options, we can help determine the just the right solution for your essential oil labeling project.

We can also talk you through important design decisions that may affect your particular product such as federal labeling requirements (see more at the Fair Packaging and Label Act) to make sure you aren’t missing any important steps that may come back to haunt you later.

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