Creating the Best Pressure Sensitive Craft Beer Labels

POSTED 06/24/2014
Craft Beer Bottle for Labels - EHG

Here at Epsen Hillmer Graphics, The Midwest’s premier custom label printing company, we’re centrally located in Omaha to serve our clients across the US with fantastic beverage labels for their products. Because we’re smack-dab in the middle of the country, we’re always paying attention to what’s happening around us. One important trend (and let’s be honest, it’s way more than a trend) that we’ve noticed is the surge of new craft breweries popping up everywhere, even in our own backyard!

In an earlier post series, Tips for Designing Great Craft Beer and Soda Labels, our custom label printing specialists tackled a pretty big subject, the design stage of craft beer labels, and today we’re going to tell you how you can put those designs into practice to create amazing craft beer labels with our team at Epsen Hillmer Graphics!

What Kind of Label Do You Want?

When you’re designing glass bottle labels for craft beer, you first have to identify the best kind of label for the project. Of all the various types of labels we can manufacture, our label specialists at Epsen Hillmer Graphics recommend pressure sensitive labels (or sticker labels) for craft beers that come in a bottle. Why? Because pressure sensitive labels have a fully-coated adhesive backing that makes them easier to apply in a variety of settings and more cost effective for varying order quantity amounts.

Consider the Best Material for Your Craft Beer Labels

Once you know the type of label you want, you need to decide on a material. There are three major categories to choose from, paper, wet-strength paper and plastic film, which all have different positive aspects depending on the requirements of your project. For instance, paper labels, while less durable overall and more vulnerable to moisture degradation than film or wet-strength paper, are great at conveying a sense of old time craftsmanship. Wet-strength paper is designed for exactly what its name implies. These labels will hold up well when introduced to water, ice or condensation, however, they are still not as durable as Film Labels. Film labels, your most resilient label, are more modern and sleek, perfect for an urbanite’s craft beer. Film labels can be printed with a solid color background or they can be clear (transparent), which allows you to incorporate the color of the bottle into the label design, leading to a “label-less” look that’s becoming very popular.

Picking the Right Adhesive

There are also many adhesive options available for pressure sensitive craft beer labels. You may not often think of how your product is going to be used by a customer and what your label adhesive will have to do, so here’s an example: if your craft beer labels are going to be under any kind of stress (say they’re exposed to changing humidity levels by being taken from a fridge into a hot summer day, or they’re going to be submerged in an ice bucket), you’ll want to make sure your label adhesive is up to that task. We know that this can get a little complicated, so give EHG a call today at (402) 342-7000 if you have any questions about picking the right adhesives for your craft beer labels!

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