Why Crafters Shouldn’t Make Their Own Labels

POSTED 06/29/2017
EHG - Candle Labels Require Careful Planning, Special Materials

Whether you are labeling craft beer you’ve made in your garage, labeling household cleaning products you’ve made from your stove top or labeling custom-made beauty products, you’ve likely taken a look at the possibility of making your own labels. A quick search online lends plenty of opportunities from print-your own label templates to pre-cut materials you can write on with a pen or marker.

As with many things, some things are best left to the professionals. If you are making a jar of jelly to take to your neighbor, you don’t need to go to the time and expense of working with a professional label provider. However, if you are in any way thinking of making home-made candles (which require a fireproof label) or a broader distribution method, it’s time to look into custom label design options that take your creations to the next level. Here are a few compelling reasons why:

Most homemade labels are not durable

If you produce a label on your laser printer or grab a magic marker to detail the contents of your recent creation, the materials used for print at home labels are not designed for durability. Expect them to smear, run, tear, or not adhere. After all the work you put into creating your product, why would you want to lessen the effect with a shoddy label?

You can spot a DIY a mile away

If you need to make an impression and attract potential consumers to try your product, there is no better way to catch their attention than with a well-designed label. Unless you are a professional graphic designer, chances are any attempt to create your own label will not produce a result that says “refined and put together.”

Before you click print, learn about the laws of your labels

While you can purchase a label package kit, the supplies do not include details of the laws that govern packaged products for sale and how they must be labeled. For example, some products packaged for sale and distribution require specific information to be included on the label by law, and what exactly that means is highly dependent on what you are packaging. Alcohol, food products, medicines or herbs that affect health, beauty products — each come with their own set of specifications and regulations. Not following the rules can get you in trouble. A professional label vendor can advise you on exactly what is required for your particular product label to make sure you comply with all applicable laws.

At Epsen Hillmer Graphics, we take a great deal of pride in appropriately labeling hundreds of varieties products from artisans, taking products created to the next level with custom labels. If you want to see what it’s like to work with a label company that will take the time to listen to exactly what you need and then come up with the best custom label solutions, all you need to do is call us at 1-800-228-9940.