The Craft Soda Maker’s Guide to Bottle Labels

POSTED 05/09/2016
Beginners Guide for Customized Labels by EHG

While they’ve always mattered, bottle labels for craft soda products are more important than ever. The reason craft soda makers need to put a lot of thought into their bottle labels in 2016 is this market has exploded over the last few years. In addition to increased demand, the competitive landscape across the craft soda market has gotten much stronger.

The best craft soda makers are those that truly care about the taste and quality of their products. People definitely take notice of a delicious craft soda. The important thing for makers to remember is consumers are never going to have a chance to try specific craft products unless they grab a bottle or 6-pack off a store shelf. Getting consumers to that point is why craft soda makers need to care about their labels. Making the right choices about labels will ensure that your sodas are able to stand out even when they’re right next to competitors.

Craft products in bottles are an area of expertise for Epsen Hillmer Graphics. We understand what matters most in terms of design, as well as what needs to get done on the technical side of printing. Because of all our experience, we want to share our thoughts on which options craft soda makers should take into consideration.

Different Bottle Labels to Consider for Craft Sodas

Of the different types of labels that can be used on craft soda bottles, pressure sensitive labels are often the best choice. Not only do these labels look great, but they’re also quite durable. An added benefit of pressure sensitive labels is they can be applied by hand or machine. That flexibility is perfect for a company that’s growing or a company that wants options available for different sodas within their line of craft products.

For the majority of craft sodas, pressure sensitive labels will be the best choice. However, it’s worth mentioning that there are two other types of labels that can work with these bottles. Those options are cut & stack and roll to roll labels. The main advantage of the former is its low cost, while roll to roll labels are sometimes used because they’re so easy to store. Contacting Epsen Hillmer Graphics is the easiest way to get answers to questions you may have about pressure sensitive, cut & stack or roll to roll labels.

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If you want the absolute best labels for your craft soda bottles, Epsen Hillmer Graphics can help you accomplish that goal. As a family-owned business in Omaha that’s been in the industry for over 100 years, we know how to help our clients find success. We will help you evaluate the different options for bottle labels that are available and choose the type that makes sense for your specific craft product.

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